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Country offered: New Multiplayer Game for programmers and all those who want to be

The free Online game Offered the country combines the automation of robots with virtual Fight in multiplayer mode against real opponents. Victory and defeat, the written Scripts of...

Alex in Network culture 03 January 2020

Time travel: The beginnings of the Internet and HTML-web standards

When the Internet was still in its infancy, the Briton Tim Berners-Lee both have the Word Wide Web as well as HTML. 28 years later, a look back is worthwhile, to the beginnings of...

Alex in Network culture 05 November 2019

Gartner technology Trends for 2020

In his annual Outlook on the technology Trends, the U.S. company Gartner 10 key aspects, which will occupy the industry in the future. In addition to innovative Cloud solutions an...

Alex in Network culture 24 October 2019