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February 2020 - Tech News of the Week

In the news this week: Are you a professional touch typist? Well, throw away your keyboards then, as Samsung's 'Selfie Type' could be releasing soon, as demo video has been found o...

Den in News 13 February 2020

ePayments suspend all activity on its customer accounts due to FCA review

Payment processing company ePayments suspended all financial activity due to review by FCA. This is official message from company: On the February 11, 2020 ePayment Systems Limi...

Alex in News 11 February 2020

Richard M. Stallman resigns from Free Software Foundation

Richard M. Stallman has resigned as FSF president and from the board of directors. The board start search for a new president Yesterday Stallman posted this note on his blog 16...

Alex in News 17 September 2019