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Syncing Google Sheets to a database via REST API’s

In this article, I will walk you through how to integrate a web-based ordering system with a Google Sheet.  Imagine you work for a bike-sharing startup that has a bike ordering web...

Alex in Programming 18 May 2020

Are There Problems That Computers Can't Solve?

Are there problems that computers can’t solve? Even if you work with the cleverest programmers, even if you have infinite time and energy and more computing power than could possib...

Den in Programming 12 May 2020

Why My Teenage Code Was Terrible: Sorting Algorithms and Big O Notation

When I was about 15, I had a week of ‘work experience’. Americans would call that an ‘internship’, but that’s not really right: work experience is a thing in British schools that b...

Jacob in Programming 11 May 2020

Why TRUE + TRUE = 2: Data Types

In the early days of computing, programmers needed to be very sure about the data they were operating on. If an operation was fed a number when it was expecting a letter, a charac...

Den in Programming 04 May 2020