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History Behind Ctrl-Alt-Delete and other key combinations?

It's been a long time since the days of command line computing, where we accomplished the vast majority of tasks with a keyboard and the use of a mouse was rare or unknown. But eve...

Jacob Enderson in Software 09 August 14

Napster, Winamp, RealPlayer – Where Are They Now

History is littered with examples of dominant forces that later fell by the wayside. The Roman Empire, disco music, Dallas Cowboys and so it is in the tech world. To kick things o...

Den W. in Software 01 May 7 1

Operating Systems you may never heard of

Windows, macOS or Linux, if you use a desktop or laptop computer, you're probably using one of these three operating systems. But, did you know that they don't have the market comp...

Alex in Software 29 April 41 1

Google Chrome is a MEMORY HOG

Although there are actually lots of web browsers out there to choose from, odds are that, unless you're on an Apple device and using Safari, you're probably using Google Chrome. In...

Alex in Software 28 April 15 1

Office 365 Vs Office 2019

It used to be easy. You needed a copy of Office, so you went out and you bought the latest version. Now there are two latest versions. There's Office 2019 which includes Word, Exce...

Den W. in Software 10 April 11 2

All 50+ Adobe apps explained

Artists around the world use various Adobe products to create everything from the icons you see on a website to the movies you watch in a theater. We all know about Photoshop, but...

Alex in Software 02 March 18 1