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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review

The latest tablet offering from Samsung comes in at around half the cost of a Tab S6, the question is, how much did the compromises impact the experience for potential buyers. Let...

Kelly in Tech 10 May 2020


Here we are in 2020, and we are getting raised concern about 5G. Although 5G promises to deliver faster speeds to our phones and there are even home-based internet solutions that u...

Jacob in Tech 25 April 2020

Why IS This COOL Toslink Cable Dying?

Of all the technologies that we have right now that suggest we really are living in the future, perhaps nothing sounds more futuristic than the fact that we can transmit data with...

Jacob in Tech 17 April 2020

Scientists have developed audible and tactile holograms

A message that all science fiction fans have been waiting for: scientists have managed to project a 3D hologram that you can actually feel when touching. In addition, the hologram...

Alex in Tech 17 February 2020