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PHP 8.0 is coming: Ready for the new Major Release

The security support for PHP 7.1 ended in December 2019. Who has not done it yet, you should change to PHP 7.4 and this year appears PHP 8 prepare. On his IPC Session 2019 Seb...

Alex in TV 17 January 2020

GitLab CI and Kubernetes: applications continuously to Kubernetes to deploy the

After the first steps with the containers are made in the project to bring its application is now clean, stable, and continuously in the production environment. In his Session at...

Alex in TV 02 January 2020

Reinforcement Learning: an introduction and application in the industrial environment

How Reinforcement Learning works? According to Dr. Christian Hidber, the Algorithms learn intuitively and by experimentation, so as a child a new game to learn. He demonstrated at...

Alex in TV 15 October 2019