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Why Loud Audio SUCKS. Audio clipping

Sometimes you just wanna turn your speakers up loud and jam out, right? But have you ever noticed that they'll sometimes crackle or sound distorted if you start really pushing the...

Jacob in Uncategorized 02 June 2020

Why There's No Channel One in America

If you are American and you've ever been flipping through channels out of boredom. At some point, you've probably noticed something curious. Where the heck is channel one? I mean,...

Jacob in Uncategorized 17 May 2020

Why THESE Old Brands DIED?

No matter who you are, star athlete, charismatic tech news host, or Eastern Bloc dictator, holding onto power is a difficult task. And perhaps few people realized this more than th...

Den in Uncategorized 13 May 2020

FIGHT Coronavirus From Home! - [email protected]

When you think of a super computer, you probably picture a bunch of server racks, covered in blinking lights in a lab somewhere. But did you know that you easily make your home PC...

Jacob in Uncategorized 17 April 2020

TOP 10: The largest airports in the world

Airports are not only terminals for people and goods, but also the gates to the world. Millions of passengers are handled every year at the superlative airports and millions of ton...

Alex in Uncategorized 17 February 2020