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Are Google Chrome extensions safe?

One of the most useful things about modern web browsers is their support for extensions, whether it's automatically finding coupon codes. Cleaning up your experience on social medi...

Alex in Web 24 July · 12 · 1

Storage for the web. IndexedDB, Cache API

True or false? IndexedDB is limited to 25 MB. False. Gone are the days of tiny storage quotas. True or false? Local storage should be avoided. True. It's synchronous and may cause...

Alex in Web 19 July · 41 · 1

Chrome is going to hide parts of URLs

Web browsing has changed a lot over the years. There's no more Home button, we browse with tabs instead of opening a new window every time, and a GeoCities page, with lots and lots...

Alex in Web 08 July · 9 · 1

How Does Google Make Money? Google Business Model Explained

In this post I want to walk you through how Google makes their money. In other words, I'm going to explain Google's business model. Did you know that Google's parent company,...

Alex in Web 29 March · 10

Chrome will start blocking file uploads via HTTP

Google has published a plan to add new mechanisms in Chrome to protect against unsafe file downloads. In Chrome 86, which is scheduled to be released on October 26th, all types of...

Den W. in Web 08 February · 2 · 1

Laravel 6.5 is released with new features

Laravel core team has released version 6.5 of the PHP framework Laravel. This update introduces several new methods for the LazyCollection, the String Helper and the Query Builder....

Alex in Web 13 November 2019 · 13 · 1

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