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How to fix these common Windows errors

Windows is the world's most popular desktop operating system, but anyone who's used it for any length of time knows that it doesn't mean it's perfect. I mean, McDonald's serves ove...

Alex in Windows 09 August 2020

How to share files and printers in Windows?

When you connect your laptop to a new Wi-Fi network, it's never enough for Windows to just connect you and be done with it. It always asks you this rather cryptic question about wh...

Alex in Windows 15 July 2020

Windows 10 Versions: Home Vs Pro Vs Enterprise

Windows 10 comes in a number of different editions, but which one should you buy? Is it worth paying for Pro over Home? What about the Enterprise edition? I'm going to cover the d...

Den in Windows 03 June 2020

Windows Server Core: More Secure than the Desktop Experience

If you've ever installed Windows Server you'll have been presented with two options. There's the one that used to be called "Server Core" and there's one that's now called the "Des...

Jacob in Windows 20 May 2020

Why You Can't Name A File CON In Windows

Did you know that you can’t name a file “Con” in Windows 10? If you’re running a Windows machine, try it right now. Go to File Explorer, create a new folder, call it “Con”. The sys...

Jacob in Windows 28 April 2020