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  1. Nvidia and Intel are seriously teaming up against AMD hahaha. I guess you can say they're the embodiment of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

  2. It's insane how fast Amazon is growing. They are legends at customer retention

  3. These results are so impressive, a 35W CPU kicking ass of a 90w UV/OC CPU. Just so insane!

  4. Damn this ryzen 9 is so good :O but its too expensive for me to afford :'3 i think ryzen 7 is enough for me xD

  5. Finally, a laptop worthy of running Minecraft.

  6. I haven't been using KDE since version 3.5. I think its time to check it out once again.

  7. Linux 5.6 is getting Wireguard and Linux 5.7 will be getting exfat. Cool!

  8. I would also add XRumer to the list of useless tools

  9. Yes, it does

  10. Does Charging Dock support the iphone x 7.5w fast charging?

  11. I hope customers will be able to get access to they funds.