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  1. Choose the console with the exclusive games and features you want. Performance won’t be that different.

  2. "We've went from 32nm to half that (14nm) in ten years"... yeah and if we also count AMD, half that again ;)

  3. It seems 2070 is good enough when it come to considering the price point.

  4. Honestly, for that money, I'd keep my laptop for on the go and for that money I'd just build a desktop for when I'm home...

  5. Fair enough

  6. Basically yes

  7. Games ~ i5 Encoding/video ~ i7

  8. Toslink is still widely used in the HIFi community. It as very good for solving grounding issues.

  9. Finally, my PC has the power to save lives

  10. I’d completely agree for 1st & 2nd place choice if they had G-Sync support. Without it, anyone with an Nvidia GPU can’t take it seriously, therefore cant justify 1st or 2nd place decision.

  11. I have not seen a complete third party backup solution. Some do mailboxes, some Sharepoint, some OneDrive, etc.. But if you look at the fine print, some things are left out. Like public folders. The real question is “Why does Microsoft refuse to deal with something that is so central to proper data management?”

  12. Most of the GTK themes are created mainly for Gnome, that's why some of the GTK themes does not look as good as it should be. There are very few themes designed specifically to Cinnamon, some of them are quite dated.

    You've found a good amount of them that are acceptable and not quite old. Some themes doesn't cover the whole system, just parts of it. The same is happens to LXQt, LXDE, Xfce and MATE. Complete and new themes are missing for Cinnamon, or there are very few of them available when compared to Gnome or KDE Plasma.

    Sometimes you find the controls, icons and mouse pointer themes, but the theme lacks desktop and window borders. Finding a theme that applies to all and covers everything is rare, except by original Cinnamon's themes (Cinnamon Spices) you can download on Add/Remove section of the Themes settings.

  13. Awesome advice as usual!

  14. So, Intel is still better for gaming. Hopefully ryzen 4000 will change that in laptops.

  15. Latency is the speed! Bandwidth is the capacity!

  16. Sadly, every segment of the internet is getting heavily polluted with scams