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  1. It's insane how fast Amazon is growing. They are legends at customer retention

  2. These results are so impressive, a 35W CPU kicking ass of a 90w UV/OC CPU. Just so insane!

  3. Damn this ryzen 9 is so good :O but its too expensive for me to afford :'3 i think ryzen 7 is enough for me xD

  4. Finally, a laptop worthy of running Minecraft.

  5. I haven't been using KDE since version 3.5. I think its time to check it out once again.

  6. Linux 5.6 is getting Wireguard and Linux 5.7 will be getting exfat. Cool!

  7. I would also add XRumer to the list of useless tools

  8. Yes, it does

  9. Does Charging Dock support the iphone x 7.5w fast charging?

  10. I hope customers will be able to get access to they funds.

  11. This was really useful. Thank you. :)