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  13. The ongoing side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed how, where and when people work, and technology is playing a key role in supporting flexible hybrid work. Some technological trends, such as the spread of 5G cellular networks and artificial intelligence, are steadily gaining in importance. And for business, it is important to implement mobile applications that will not only connect with the end user, but can also become an electronic office. Other technological changes are relatively new and have not yet exploded into the market, but their significance is undeniable.

  14. Organizations fast-tracked multi-year technology roadmaps for major investments like artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and cloud, completing them in months or even weeks. The result? Many organizations have arrived at their desired futures ahead of schedule. But the future is still coming. Today’s innovations will be our successors’ legacy. So executives must be mindful of meaningful advances and capabilities forecast for the decade ahead—to ride tailwinds, dodge headwinds, and forestall, or at least minimize, the interest payments due on their eventual technical debt.

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