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My name is Jenny Gilbert and I am a technical writer with over 5 years of experience working at Amplework Software. I specialize in creating user-friendly documentation for software applications, websites, and other digital products. My writing style is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to understand complex topics. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in Technical Writing.

What is a Software Maintenance Process? Types of Software Maintenance?

The software maintenance process involves performing a range of activities to identify and resolve issues, enhance existing features, and adapt the software to changing requirements. These activities...
08 August ·
· 13 · Jenny Gilbert

Implementing Authentication and Authorization in Node.js: From Basic Authentication to JWT and OAuth

Implementing authentication and authorization in a Node.js application involves setting up user authentication to verify user identities and authorization to control access to certain resources or fun...
14 July ·
· 10 · Jenny Gilbert

How to Test React Native Apps: A Comprehensive Guide

React Native is an open-source framework that enables developers to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android using a single codebase. With its growing popularity, more and more businesses...
27 April ·
· 9 · Jenny Gilbert

Developing cross-platform mobile applications with Swift and SwiftUI

As mobile applications continue to become more important for businesses and individuals alike, there has been an increased demand for cross-platform mobile application development. Swift, a programmin...
18 April ·
· 9 · Jenny Gilbert