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Having started a training grooming school, Abbfabb Academy of Dog Grooming Training, Eve Somers was searching for quality scissors suitable for her students. It become very apparent that the limited options available for scissors, meant that they were either very expensive and/or of poor quality.

6.5" 18 Teeth Reversible Curved Chunker, Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd

Abbfabb Grooming Scissors Ltd is pleased to offer this beautiful 6.5" 18 Teeth Reversible Curved Chunker.   With 18 teeth, this incredible 6.5" reversible curved chunker is lightweight and extremely comfortable for the dog groomer to use. It is made from 440c Japanese stainless steel.   As a...
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Why choose Abbfabb Dog Grooming Scissors?

We genuinely understand that it can be difficult to decide which dog grooming scissors to buy in a world where there are many different sizes and models available, along with a wealth of information. I'll tell you right now that you don't need to look any further. We are incredibly proud of the dog...
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What exactly are curved dog grooming shears and scissors?

These lovely dog grooming shears and scissors have curved blades instead of straight ones, as the name would imply. They are available in the same size range as straight scissors, but they serve a different purpose when it comes to grooming dogs. Dog grooming shears and scissors with curves are made...
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A Chunker typically has between 10 and 15 large teeth, and it is typically between 5" and 6.5" in length. It has a wider gap between each tooth. The chunky or choppy appearance is achieved using these...
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