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Fingernails - The story revolves around Anna, an unemployed teacher played by Jesse Buckley,

Greek filmmaker Christos Nikou’s Fingernails is a sci-fi romantic dramedy that pushes the boundaries of absurdity and repugnance. The film explores the concept of using technology to determine the compatibility and love between partners. However, the catch is that this test involves the painfu...
10 November ·
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Watch Freelance 2023 In HD Quality

An ex-unique forces operative takes a job to offer protection for a journalist as she interviews a dictator, however, a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, and they're compelled to get away into the jungle where they ought to live on. Watch Latest Films  and TV shows for fr...
02 November ·
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Gen V Season 1

It’s flow-in day at Godolkin University and Marie Moreau is ready for a fresh begin, to ultimately feel common and suit in. The main storyline specializes in Marie at Goldolkin, locating her feet, and which classes to take which will be the nice and excel.She has help from her eccentric and ex...
26 October ·
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Watch Totally Killer For Free In HD Quality

Kiernan Shipka plays Jamie, who is bored with his overly depressed mother and his uncool father Pam has good reason to worry anyway, especially around Halloween. He is the sole survivor of a murder 35 years ago that left his friends dead. And the killer may still be looking to get "free." One thing...
17 October ·
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Stream Full Action Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Afdah In HD

Are you want to watch Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Afdah? check it out here. Once again, Tom Cruise and his crew impressed. The most difficult mission impossible by far is this one. This year's b...
11 July ·
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Free Online Movies and TV Shows on the Afdah Website

Because you can find your favorite content with just one click and by genre, country, IMDB rating, and quality, Afdah is among the greatest free movie streaming websites. The largest and most well-lik...
10 July ·
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Watch Latest Series Witcher Season 3 And Invasion In HD - Afdah Info

One of the greatest advantages of Afdah Info is its convenience. Gone are the days of having to rush to the movie theater or wait for your favorite shows to air on television. With Afdah Info, you can...
06 July ·
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