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  1. Well. I will say just go for 6 core intel or wait for Ryzen. Simply due to price.

  2. I will say though that modding the bottom panel might not be a great idea. As you said, it's (likely) designed that way to pull air over other components, cooling them in the process. Your CPU/GPU temps might drop slightly, but other components are going to be missing out on that cooling, which could impact its longevity. I modded the bottom panel of my Asus G51 back in the day and ended up covering it back up for this reason.

  3. This is really good considering ryzen model has 4 physical cores compared to 6 in Intel and shows how much IPC improvement Ryzen 2 has brought over Zen+ architecture compared to Intel.

  4. Kde using a bit more cpu then xfce. But with plasma version 5.17 the ram usage is almost in the range of xfce so the kde plasma team have done some Good work. För computer with less cup poker xfce is a good option to go.

  5. Interesting lineup on the Intel side

  6. Honestly, for that money, I'd keep my laptop for on the go and for that money I'd just build a desktop for when I'm home...

  7. Games ~ i5
    Encoding/video ~ i7

  8. Toslink is still widely used in the HIFi community. It as very good for solving grounding issues.

  9. I’d completely agree for 1st & 2nd place choice if they had G-Sync support. Without it, anyone with an Nvidia GPU can’t take it seriously, therefore cant justify 1st or 2nd place decision.

  10. I have not seen a complete third party backup solution. Some do mailboxes, some Sharepoint, some OneDrive, etc.. But if you look at the fine print, some things are left out. Like public folders. The real question is “Why does Microsoft refuse to deal with something that is so central to proper data management?”

  11. So, Intel is still better for gaming. Hopefully ryzen 4000 will change that in laptops.

  12. Sadly, every segment of the internet is getting heavily polluted with scams