Comments by Alex (23)

  1. Can’t wait to see the 3070 performance!

  2. I'm surprised with ac odyssey having such a low 1%. I can maintain constant 30 fps at ultra high with my 3 year old alienware 15 r3.. undervolted of course cus holy cow did it use to melt my laptop. But still surprising

  3. Interesting approach from lenovo... Allow more power with very high temp limit in extreme mode (same applies to legion 5 afaik, which got pretty high result while hot in CB20..)

  4. I love the fact that phones are getting weird again.

  5. Interesting a function that in my opinion should be in all Laptops, even if sometimes it does not increase much is already something and may improve in the future.

  6. It finally happened. Perfect timing as a new generation of GPUs is right around the corner too. Asus' monitor game is on point

  7. That phone feature is amazing wth. I can see that being noted down by a lot of other companies already

  8. Games consoles did this for the same reason, if they use the hbm memory as system memory, they'll probably get a massive performance gain from that alone.

  9. Well. I will say just go for 6 core intel or wait for Ryzen. Simply due to price.

  10. I will say though that modding the bottom panel might not be a great idea. As you said, it's (likely) designed that way to pull air over other components, cooling them in the process. Your CPU/GPU temps might drop slightly, but other components are going to be missing out on that cooling, which could impact its longevity. I modded the bottom panel of my Asus G51 back in the day and ended up covering it back up for this reason.

  11. This is really good considering ryzen model has 4 physical cores compared to 6 in Intel and shows how much IPC improvement Ryzen 2 has brought over Zen+ architecture compared to Intel.

  12. Kde using a bit more cpu then xfce. But with plasma version 5.17 the ram usage is almost in the range of xfce so the kde plasma team have done some Good work. För computer with less cup poker xfce is a good option to go.