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TOP 5 Best Smart Thermostat 2020 (Home budget & Wifi)

Unlike regular thermostats, Smart thermostats offer a variety of features that will not only keep your home comfortable but also saves energy when programmed correctly. Many of the...

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80w vs 90w Laptop GPUs - Does It Even Matter?

Laptops with Nvidia 2070 or 2080 Max-Q graphics are often sold with either 80 watt or 90 watt power limits, but how much of a difference does the power limit actually make to perfo...

Alex in Hardware 29 May · 102 · 1

SpaceX Crew Dragon Is the Most Anticipated Launch of the Year

This is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. SpaceX’s Demo-2 is just about to launch. We're on the verge of a truly historic event in human spaceflight. For the very first t...

Alex in Space 27 May · 3 · 1

Machine Learning Foundations: Part 4 - Coding with Convolutional Neural Networks

In the previous part 3 - Convolutions and pooling, you learned all about convolutions and how they can use filters to extract information from images. You also saw how to create po...

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Machine Learning Foundations: Part 3 - Convolutions and pooling

In the previous part 2 - First steps in computer vision,  you built a neural network that could recognize items of clothing.  Now that you've looked at fashion example for computer...

Alex in Machine Learning 26 May · 1 · 1

Machine Learning Foundations: Part 2 - First steps in computer vision

In the previous article Part 1 - What is ML?, you got an introduction to machine learning, and you saw how it works from a programmer's perspective by having you create answers and...

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It's no secret that SSD's are slowly, but surely displacing hard drives in consumer PC and why not? They're faster, smaller lighter and less prone to failure when they're being thr...

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Why Old Games Look So BAD? Upscaling explained

You're digging through some old moving boxes you never unpacked, and you discover your old console with a bunch of retro games.  You dust it off, and after managing to hook it up t...

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What is a Container and Why Would You Want to Use It?

Containers, Docker, Kubernetes -- it's a lot to keep track of. Are you looking for a primer on what all this containerization technology is all about, what it means, and how you ca...

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Syncing Google Sheets to a database via REST API’s

In this article, I will walk you through how to integrate a web-based ordering system with a Google Sheet.  Imagine you work for a bike-sharing startup that has a bike ordering web...

Alex in Programming 18 May · 13

Introduction to JAX (AI Adventures)

NumPy is fast, but how can we make it even faster?  In this article, we're going to look at a new library from Google Research called JAX and see how it can speed up machine learni...

Alex in Machine Learning 16 May · 5 · 1

Machine Learning Foundations: Part 1 - What is ML?

Welcome to this series on Machine Learning Foundations. It's a course where you'll learn the fundamentals of building machine learning models using TensorFlow. The only thing that...

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