Can You Actually Put Your PC In A Fridge?

Heat is the constant nemesis of any computer enthusiast, and between custom water loops, RGB fans and beefy tower-style heat sinks, a massive industry has sprung up around keeping your precious compon...
20 October 2020 ·
· 564 · Alex

Will Nvidia Chips Be Inside Everything?

Nvidia is trying to strong-arm its way into more devices than ever before. And yes, this article is going to be about Nvidia's acquisition of Arm. At first, the two companies don't seem to be likely...
16 October 2020 ·
· 40 · Alex

Why Is Florida Releasing 750 Million GMO Mosquitoes?

In May 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency gave the greenlight to release hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. I realize that sentence had a lot of s...
15 October 2020 ·
· 123 · Alex

How A Console Could BEAT Your PC. Direct storage API

As the years have gone by we've gone from having painfully slow mechanical hard drives in our computers to super fast SSDs but there's one area where SSDs are still frustrating. Have you ever noticed...
08 October 2020 ·
· 141 · Alex

How Quantum Diamonds Will Help Us Detect Cosmic Collisions

Back in 2015, the two detectors that make up the experiment called LIGO made waves. Well, technically they detected waves — they picked up the gravitational waves generated by two merging black...
07 October 2020 ·
· 40 · Alex

We’re Teaching Robots and AI to Design New Drugs

Every year, there are thousands of new drugs  in development at labs around the world.   But only a tiny fraction of them make it through  to human trials -- never mind final appro...
01 October 2020 ·
· 52 · Alex

Linux This Month - BottleRocket is GA, GNOME 3.38 is out, and go for a drive with Super Tux Kart

Google's android 11 has released on September 8th, 2020, and now offers additional benefits to enterprise clients. The introduction of asset management and personal use policies means that IT teams wi...
01 October 2020 ·
· 83 · Alex

How Your Graphics Card Will Get To 8K

The focal point of any graphics card, once you get past the RGB lighting of course, is the GPU itself, which does all the number crunching that pushes the frames of your favorite games to your screen,...
30 September 2020 ·
· 313 · Alex

Earth’s “Evil” Twin May Hold Signs of Life

After earning a bad reputation as Earth’s “evil twin”, Venus is finally getting some good press. Recently, a team of international astronomers announced the discovery of a rare gas...
29 September 2020 ·
· 69 · Alex

Xbox Series X hands-on: gameplay, load times, and Quick Resume

The next generation of game consoles are so close. I can almost taste it. Maybe not that close, but the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are both arriving on November 10th. This tiny, dinky little...
28 September 2020 ·
· 67 · Alex

Should You Put TWO CPUs In Your PC?

It wasn't long ago that just single core CPUs were the norm on home computers. But these days we're seeing ever-increasing core counts for less and less money. But, if we can have lots of cores on jus...
26 September 2020 ·
· 102 · Alex

What Exactly Is Blockchain?

I’m old enough to remember the year 2017 when bitcoin and blockchain were all the rage. The two were brought up together so often that the technologies seemed almost inseparable. But the two thi...
24 September 2020 ·
· 130 · Alex

Precursor - open source electronics platform for mobile phones

Similar to how a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino can be transformed into an IoT gadget with the addition of a couple breakout boards, some solder, and a bit of code, Precursor is a framework upon which y...
21 September 2020 ·
· 433 · Alex

What Would a Quantum Internet Look Like?

Quantum computers that take advantage of quantum phenomena to tackle massive problems are hailed as the future of computing. But what about a quantum internet? What would that look like? And would it...
21 September 2020 ·
· 102 · Alex

Hybrid CPUs are coming

It wasn't long ago that the idea of putting several processors into one package seemed exotic, but with modern multi-core CPUs that integrated graphics, maybe it was only a matter of time before Intel...
20 September 2020 ·
· 414 · 1 · Alex

Why Are There SO MANY Graphics Card Makers?

If you're in the market for a new graphics card, you probably know that for the time being you have only two options when it comes to a GPU: AMD or NVIDIA. But once you've made your decision and you g...
19 September 2020 ·
· 535 · Alex