Why Old Games Look So BAD? Upscaling explained

You're digging through some old moving boxes you never unpacked, and you discover your old console with a bunch of retro games.  You dust it off, and after managing to hook it up to your shiny 4K...
20 May 2020 ·
· 2.3K · 1 · Alex

What is a Container and Why Would You Want to Use It?

Containers, Docker, Kubernetes -- it's a lot to keep track of. Are you looking for a primer on what all this containerization technology is all about, what it means, and how you can make use of it? A...
20 May 2020 ·
· 42 · Alex

Syncing Google Sheets to a database via REST API’s

In this article, I will walk you through how to integrate a web-based ordering system with a Google Sheet.  Imagine you work for a bike-sharing startup that has a bike ordering web app built on Node....
18 May 2020 ·
· 462 · Alex

Introduction to JAX (AI Adventures)

NumPy is fast, but how can we make it even faster?  In this article, we're going to look at a new library from Google Research called JAX and see how it can speed up machine learning. JAX can au...
16 May 2020 ·
· 154 · Alex

Machine Learning Foundations: Part 1 - What is ML?

Welcome to this series on Machine Learning Foundations. It's a course where you'll learn the fundamentals of building machine learning models using TensorFlow. The only thing that you'll need to know...
15 May 2020 ·
· 128 · Alex

Samsung's Answer To iPhone 12 Pro's Pro Motion Display

Ross Young, CEO and founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants is back again with some great Galaxy Note 20 news where he's detailing the display specs of both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 P...
12 May 2020 ·
· 73 · Alex

Razer DeathAdder V2 - STILL The Best Gaming Mouse After 14 Years?

The Razer DeathAdder is one of the most iconic gaming mice that first came out in 2006, and the most interesting thing about its evolution are all the drastic gut and technical upgrades that the mouse...
10 May 2020 ·
· 118 · Alex

RIP, SIM Card... What Is an eSIM?

It seems like more and more physical media is getting overtaken by digital substitutes, affecting everything from game downloads to event tickets, leaving some folks nostalgic for the days when you co...
08 May 2020 ·
· 319 · Alex

NVIDIA Shield TV review

Chances are you're spending a good amount of your time indoors, and based on the fact that both YouTube and Netflix had to cut their stream quality to keep up with demand, it seems like a lot of that...
07 May 2020 ·
· 83 · Alex

MORE and FASTER Memory Is Coming... DDR5

Faster is better with many things in life, including today's topic, DDR5 memory. DDR5 is expected to be twice as fast as DDR4, which mainstream PCs have been using for years now. Initially, the manufa...
05 May 2020 ·
· 55 · Alex

Tesla Q1 2020 Earnings Analysis

Once again, Tesla had a record breaking quarter and once again, it surprised almost everyone, including Wall St, with the stock rocketing up 10% in after hours trading before coming back to earth. A L...
05 May 2020 ·
· 53 · Alex

What is Baked in the Baker's Dozen?

On April 8, PostgreSQL feature freeze took place, so only features committed earlier will get into version PostgreSQL 13. Probably, this version can hardly be considered revolutionary, since it has no...
30 April 2020 ·
· 152 · Alex

The Sentences Computers Can't Understand, But Humans Can

The Winograd schema is a test designed to stretch computer language processing to its limit. If a machine can determine an intended referent in a sentence based only on clues from context, then the ma...
29 April 2020 ·
· 3.1K · Alex

Why Aren't Laptops HEAVY Anymore?

If you were born before the late 90s you probably remember a time when laptops were heavy clunky power hogs with the elegance of a cinder block. But these days the cine quinone of laptop marketing se...
29 April 2020 ·
· 153 · Alex

Operating Systems you may never heard of

Windows, macOS or Linux, if you use a desktop or laptop computer, you're probably using one of these three operating systems. But, did you know that they don't have the market completely cornered? The...
29 April 2020 ·
· 344 · Alex

Google Chrome is a MEMORY HOG

Although there are actually lots of web browsers out there to choose from, odds are that, unless you're on an Apple device and using Safari, you're probably using Google Chrome. In fact, in late 2019...
28 April 2020 ·
· 523 · Alex