What is Bridge Rectifier?

The bridge rectifier is a circuit that converts AC signals into DC signals. It typically consists of an arrangement of interlocked diodes. Two types of rectifier circuits can be used in powe...
28 January 2022 ·
· 66 · Anita Chan

How Shift Register Works?

If four bits of data are transferred into the system via four clock signals on one wire at the data-in point, lower, and the information is available on all four Outputs QA and QD following four clock...
27 January 2022 ·
· 77 · Anita Chan

Schmitt Trigger: What You Need to Know

What is a Schmitt Trigger? A Schmitt trigger is a type of electronic oscillator that uses it to produce a square wave output. It is used in the design of many different types of electronic circuits,...
26 January 2022 ·
· 72 · Anita Chan

How to Calculate Resistor Value?

A complex resistance circuit is made up of a large number of resistors connected in series and in parallel. It will form a complex resistance network. We need to think about calculating the sum...
21 January 2022 ·
· 152 · Anita Chan

How to Get More Power from Power Over Ethernet (PoE)?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is already a common concept and is used in products such as Internet telephony, security monitoring systems, and cash registers. In this way, small network devices can be pow...
20 January 2022 ·
· 87 · Anita Chan

What is Power over Ethernet?

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the technology that provides DC power supply for equipment while transmitting data signals for some IP-based terminals in the case of existing standard Ethernet tra...
19 January 2022 ·
· 37 · Anita Chan

Application and Adjustment Method of the Adjustable Inductor

Application and Adjustment Method of the Adjustable Inductor   Adjusting Method of Adjustable Inductor   In the specific power supply equipment, we mainly use the method of combining the iro...
18 January 2022 ·
· 158 · Anita Chan

What is the Difference Between Bipolar Transistor and Triode?

What is the Difference Between Bipolar Transistor and Triode?   A bipolar transistor is a triode. The simplest distinction is: the three poles are called collector, base, and emitter....
17 January 2022 ·
· 87 · Anita Chan

What is LED Drive Power?

What is LED Drive Power?   Nowadays, as the concept of green environmental protection begins to take root in the hearts of the people, LEDs with long life and energy-saving characteristics are...
14 January 2022 ·
· 9 · Anita Chan

Why You Should Invest in a Good Quality Amp?

Why You Should Invest in a Good Quality Amp?   In the world of sound, there are many different types of amplifiers. There is an amplifier for each type and purpose of sound: a guitar amp,...
13 January 2022 ·
· 15 · Anita Chan

How to Install Resistors for LED Turn Signals?

How to Install Resistors for LED Turn Signals?   Many friends are very familiar with led electronic lightboxes. Because it is applied more frequently now. However, the number of resistance...
11 January 2022 ·
· 41 · Anita Chan

What is an Encoder?

What is an Encoder? An encoder is a device that converts data or signals into a signal. In other words, an encoder is a device that converts linear displacement or angular movement int...
10 January 2022 ·
· 164 · Anita Chan

How Shift Registers Work & What is a shift register?

Introduction: What is a shift register? A shift register is a type of digital circuit that shifts its bits in sequence. Shift registers are a very common component in counting circuits and sequentia...
08 January 2022 ·
· 171 · Anita Chan

Basic Knowledge Points of Diodes

    In the family of electronic components, There is a particular kind that allows the flow of current in one direction. It's a two-electrode device known as a diode.   The Ear...
05 January 2022 ·
· 19 · Anita Chan

What are Inductors Used For?

What are Inductors Used For?   The inductor is a component that converts electric energy into magnetic energy and stores it. The inductor's structure is like that of transformers, but...
04 January 2022 ·
· 24 · Anita Chan

Capacitor vs. Inductor

What are a Capacitor and an Inductor? What is an Inductor?  An inductor is a coil of wire around a core, usually made of metal or ferrite, which will store or release energy when current flows...
1 year ago ·
· 76 · Anita Chan