Five common sensors for LED smart lighting

As one of the equipment of signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion, the electromechanical technology of sensing technology has been quite mature. In recent years, it has entered the develo...
29 December 2021 ·
· 50 · Cecelia Qiu

The classification of the demo board

The demo board is a circuit board used for embedded system development. Simply put, it is a circuit board that integrates a variety of electronic components. These electronic components include CPU, m...
22 December 2021 ·
· 139 · Cecelia Qiu

How to choose a thermal relay?

Thermal relay is a traditional electrical appliance for protecting motors. It is used for overload protection of motors or other electrical equipment and electrical circuits. It has the same inverse t...
18 December 2021 ·
· 64 · Cecelia Qiu

How to choose a sensor?

Sensors are the primary link to realize automatic detection and automatic control. Its existence and development give objects the sense of touch, taste and smell, and make objects slowly become alive....
15 December 2021 ·
· 64 · Cecelia Qiu

Which is better, active crystal oscillator or passive crystal oscillator?

In the crystal industry, we call crystals passive crystals, crystal oscillators we call active crystal oscillators, passive crystals we usually call quartz crystal resonators, active crystal oscillato...
13 December 2021 ·
· 733 · Cecelia Qiu

Judgment of transistor working state

Transistors are the basic devices in analog circuits and are the basic building blocks for standard operation of computers, mobile phones, and all other modern electronic circuits. Because of its fast...
08 December 2021 ·
· 27 · Cecelia Qiu

An Introduction to a Resistor

Overview A resistor is a current-limiting element. After the resistor is connected to the circuit, the resistance of the resistor is generally fixed with two pins, which can limit the current through...
06 December 2021 ·
· 84 · Cecelia Qiu

Why sensors are so important for autonomous driving?

We still have a long way to go to achieve a road full of autonomous vehicles. Although the current sensor capabilities are very helpful, they are relatively rudimentary when it comes to autonomous veh...
03 December 2021 ·
· 58 · Cecelia Qiu

Some guidelines about relays

A relay is an electrical control device. It is an electrical appliance that causes the controlled quantity to undergo a predetermined step change in the electrical output circuit when the change in th...
01 December 2021 ·
· 25 · Cecelia Qiu