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MICLEDI Demonstrates New MicroLED Arrays Based on a 300mm CMOS Platform

MICLEDI Microdisplays is an ingenious technology firm developing microLED displays designed to make use of the latest Gen. AR Glasses Technology and has demonstrated the first arra...

everybreakingwave in Electronics 20 December 2021 · 34

Upgrade of Domain Controller in Self-Driving Car Industry

Profiting from the growth of autonomous vehicles as well as the shift in automotive electronic and electrical architectures moving from centralization to distributed the domain con...

everybreakingwave in Tech 23 November 2021 · 33 · 1

What is an RC Snubber?

Introduction The circuit for snubbing a capacitor and resistor is comprised of the resistor and a capacitor that are connected in series. The resistor is used to absorb the energy...

everybreakingwave in Electronics 29 November 2021 · 30 · 1

ST MEMS ScanAR Tehcnology Enhances AR Glasses Development

In November 2020 ST reached a collaboration agreement with Quanta to design a prototype design for AR intelligent glasses. To enhance the capabilities of this technology ST launche...

everybreakingwave in Tech 13 December 2021 · 29

How Will 4680 Batteries Affect the Global Power Battery Industry?

With the advent of electrification, any change that occurs in the lithium battery market will be exponentially increased. In recent times, due to the development of the battery 468...

everybreakingwave in Automobiles 01 December 2021 · 25

Breaking the Patent Wall of Qualcomm Chips, Apple's Self-Developed Chips will be Mass Produced

Following the A series of chips and the M series chip, Apple's custom-designed 5G chip will be able to think about as well as the market for chips appears to be at the cusp of so...

everybreakingwave in Apple 29 November 2021 · 19 · 1

How to Tell if Your Ceiling Fan Capacitor is Bad

Intro Since ceiling fans are efficient in terms of energy consumption they are the preferred choice for homeowners who have central air conditioning use them all year long. A capa...

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Innovations You Should Not Miss at CES 2022

CES is the world's biggest consumer electronics exhibition that began in Las Vegas on January 5 2022. While the world remains hidden by the disease, and numerous firms have stated...

everybreakingwave in Tech 08 January · 19

Fire at ASML Plant Could Worsen the Chip Shortage

In the 3rd US Eastern time, Reuters reported that a fire erupted in a plant located in Berlin, Germany, owned by Dutch lithography giant AMSL.       Photolithography Machine...

everybreakingwave in Tech 05 January · 18

Flux Capacitor: Time Travel at Your Own Risk!

A flux capacitor is a fictional device that was created in the award-winning trilogy of films Back to the Future. It is used to power a time travel machine called a DeLorean DMC-12...

everybreakingwave in Tech 24 November 2021 · 18 · 1

How to Install a Capacitor to an Amp

Basics - The purpose of the Power Capacitor A capacitor is a storage for electric voltage or power. That's why they're often known as power capacitors, or simply power caps. Addi...

everybreakingwave in Electronics 02 December 2021 · 15

HDMI 2.1a Adds SBTM Feature

HDMI 2.1a is expected to be announced during the forthcoming CES 2022 that kicks off on the 5th of January. The following year. HDMI is the most recent version of the upgraded in-u...

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