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We are provide support for family tree maker genealogy software. Family tree maker 2019 is a new update of Family tree maker software. If you are users of Family Tree Maker software or you are facing any type of issue please contact us with our Family Tree Maker support Experts.

Orange Sync Weather Issue on FTM 2019 Instantly

Orange Sync Weather :- If you are trying to sync while the weather is orange but facing trouble while doing so then you need to simply wait till the situation gets resolved. Or, if you want quick help...
25 April ·
· 2 · Harvey Smith

How To Make A Family Tree On Google Docs

Hello everyone, In this blog post you will learn how to Make A Family Tree On Google Docs . So, if you also want to make a free family tree on Google docs then read this post. Here in this post, we w...
07 April ·
· 24 · Harvey Smith

Family Tree Maker Chart And Reports in FTM

If you are on this blog, then I must say you are a Family Tree Maker lover. You love to make your family tree maker chart and showcase your family history among your family and friends. Creating your...
04 April ·
· 16 · Harvey Smith

New features in family tree maker 2019

In this article, we have tried to explain the New features in FTM 2019. MacKiev released Family Tree Maker 2019 on 28th September 2019. With this release, Family Tree Maker has launched many new featu...
23 March ·
· 112 · Harvey Smith

Using the New Color Coding Features In Family Tree Maker 2019

Let me guide you on how you can use Color Coding in FTM 2019 software and look even more beautiful than it is right now. You will not just have a beautiful tree. Also, you will have an easy way to tra...
22 March ·
· 15 · Harvey Smith

TreeVault Cloud Service In Family Tree Maker 2019

TreeVault Cloud Service is a feature in Family Tree Maker 2019 that allows users to sync their family tree data with Ancestry.com’s online family tree service. This feature makes it easy for use...
18 March ·
· 4 · Harvey Smith

Explore Your Family Tree with Family Tree Analyzer

Family Tree Analyzer is a free service that allows users to upload a GEDCOM file. Therefore, it is also known as a GEDCOM Analyzer. You can also check family tree maker horrors, duplicate facts, and g...
14 March ·
· 53 · Harvey Smith

Merging Duplicate Facts in Family Tree Maker 2019

Learn how to merge two facts in FTM 2019 and how to get family tree maker technical support if you need it. Please read from start to end and understand it. Do you want to know if it is possible? Yes...
07 February ·
· 34 · Harvey Smith

How To Create A Family Tree On Google Docs in simple and quick way

If you want to Create a family tree on Google Docs then must go through this content instantly. Here, you will find the simple steps for making a family tree on Google Docs. So, move ahead and feel fr...
03 February ·
· 5 · Harvey Smith

How To Add Pictures In Legacy Family Tree?

Add Pictures In Legacy Family Tree: Family history and tracing lineages have always been significant for humankind since they help us understand the formation and progress of various families and thei...
20 January ·
· 35 · Harvey Smith