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Ebyte is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of wireless modules and industrial IoT terminals. Independently developed and produced products include LoRa/WiFi Wireless Module/Bluetooth/ZigBee wireless modules, 4G networking equipment, Ethernet modules, NB-IoT data transmission terminals, industrial IoT

How does the serial port server realize the data communication

Serial to Ethernet provides the function of a serial server, and can easily realize two-way transparent transmission of data between RS232/485/422 serial ports and TCP/IP network...

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What are the common functions of dtu

(1) Internally integrated TCP/IP protocol stackThere are external protocol stacks and built-in protocol stacks, most of which are external protocol stacks on the market. The TCP/IP...

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dtu is often used to exchange data and programs with other computers

dtu is a modem in the world, and it is affectionately called "cat", which is an electronic device that can realize the modulation and demodulation functions required for communicat...

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