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An Introduction of the TDA7388 Audio Amplifier

Introduction The TDA7388 is a brand new class audio amplifier. Because of its fully compatible PNP/NPN output layout, the TDA7388 output is rail-to-rail voltage fluctuations that...

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An Introduction of MAX3485 Low-Power Transceivers

General Description  Devices in the MAX3483E family (MAX3483E/MAX3485E/ MAX3486E/MAX3488E/MAX3490E/MAX3491E) are ±15kV ESD-protected, +3.3V, low-power transceivers forRS-485 and R...

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Voltage Regulator LM1117T-3.3: Pinout, Application, and Instruction

General Description LM1117 is a voltage regulator with low power consumption and a fixed output voltage of 2.85V, which is designed to meet 1A output current and complies with SCS...

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