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Little Thai Place has built a reputation on bringing the authentic and exotic taste of Thai cuisine to Victoria since 2003.

What Flavors Make the Thai Food Tastes So Good?

Do you know what makes Thai food so special & unique? The reason behind the taste and aroma of Thai food is the unique mix of spices that includes chili heat, herbs, seasonings, sw...

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What should you try in a Thai restaurant as a beginner?

Many people are already familiar with Thai food restaurants, right? What about those who are visiting this place for the first time? If you are not familiar, this article will help...

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Techniques used in cooking Thai Food

Thai food Victoria is well known for its spicy, rich flavors. It features a variety of delicious ingredients that capture the unique tastes of Thai cuisine – from zesty herbs and f...

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Why should you choose Thai cuisine?

Thai food has long been one of the most popular types of cuisine, and Thai restaurants bring incredible flavors to any dining table. From Thai curry to Phad Thai and Som Tum salads...

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What should you do & don'ts do when you are at a Thai restaurant?

The Thai restaurant is on the top priority list for all visitors. However, before entering any Thai restaurant, you should be clear with some facts. Here we share a friendly guide...

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What are the best Thai foods you shouldn't ignore at Thai restaurant Victoria?

Thailand is popular for one of the delicious cuisines for multiple reasons. If you are in the land of Thailand, this is the best time to explore the flavours. Thailand is one of th...

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A Complete Guide to Opening a Thai Restaurant

One must be well-versed in Thai culture and tradition if one is to open a restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine. It's wonderful to know that the delicious dishes that have made Thai restaurant Victoria famous across the world are simple to prepare. The Thai people's ingenious c...

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Why do people prefer Thai food all across the globe?

Thai cuisine has quickly risen to become a global phenomenon. There are Thai restaurants in most major cities across the world, and many famous chefs draw inspiration from traditional Thai food Victoria in their own cooking. This article will explain why Thai cuisine is so well-l...

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Essential flavors of Thai food

Learning to cook authentic Thai food in Victoria is simple and straightforward. Don't be intimidated by the long list of ingredients in a recipe; they're all easy to work with once...

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