Scaring Your Readers to Death: A Guide to Horror Writing

The horror genre is all about scaring readers to death. Whether it is through grotesque monsters, spine-tingling plot twists, or creepy atmospheres, horror writers strive to create a sense of dread an...
26 January ·
· 16 · Mark Jasson

How to Get Your Book Published with These Simple Steps

If you like writing, you must have considered publishing a book once in your lifetime. Writing a book is a really great opportunity in and of itself, but getting it in front of readers is another stor...
24 January ·
· 28 · Mark Jasson

5 Ways To Make Your Fiction Stand Out From The Rest

A fiction writer could discover that their novel, short tale, novella, or other work of narrative writing still needs something after putting in the arduous labor of finishing it. Sometimes a tale jus...
19 January ·
· 7 · Mark Jasson