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Marta Jordan is a professional writer & blogger, who writes for a variety of online publications and loves working with words of all shapes and sizes. When not working, either I am glued to my playlist, Netflix, books or you can find me splurging on myself.

Why is Aerial Cinematography so Popular?

For a very long time, aerial cinematography has been a key staple of cinema, and its ability to give the subject of the film new context within their landscape or to help show audi...

martajordan 21 November 2022 · 0 · 12

How To Choose A Partner For Your iOS Application Development Project

If you are considering Android application development and iOS application development there are some key aspects to take into account. Many organisations are considering diving in...

martajordan 13 September 2022 · 0 · 18

How to Beat the Cold and Flu Season with COPD

For most people, having the flu would mean suffering through the ordeal of a runny nose and sore throat for a week. However, things are not that easy for people with chronic obstru...

martajordan 21 July 2022 · 0 · 22

Guide to Choosing Branded Corporate Gifts for Your Loyal Customers and Clients

There are many strategies you can use to promote your business. Few are better than offering loyal customers and clients branded promotional products. These gifts help create a pos...

martajordan 11 July 2022 · 0 · 25

Top E-Commerce Statistics Changing Web Development

Staying on top of e-commerce trends is a crucial part of keeping up with your competitors. Doing so isn’t easy — e-commerce is one of the fastest developing industries. Innovations...

martajordan 27 June 2022 · 0 · 29