Reputation House: Building Your Brand Through Customer Reviews

Whether you know it or not, the management of reputation is an indispensable component in the growth of any brand. The image of a brand depends on its online reputation, which invariably includes online interactions. Working with customer reviews, Reputation House is particularly outstanding, implem...
2 weeks ago ·
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BE OPEN congratulates the first three winners of Design Your Climate Action: international competition for young creatives focused on the United Nations’ SDG#13

The international jury for Design Your Climate Action has evaluated all the entries over the categories of Raising Resilience and Adaptation, Energy of Change, and Solutions O...
27 June ·
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Five major crypto mining and DeFi trends of May 2024

April turned out harsh for the cryptocurrency market due to the drop of over 11% in value of key crypto assets, as well as the decrease in trade volume. Nevertheless, May’s proved to be more enc...
24 May ·
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How to get rid of soundcloud bots?

SoundCloud has become a haven for artists and podcasters to share their audio creations with the world. However, the presence of bots on the platform can distort user metrics and negatively impact the...
13 May ·
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Investors’ Interest in Decentralized Crypto Platforms Grows

Decentralized Finance market (DeFi) is recovering following last year’s crash. The total volume of investments in the DeFi protocols has grown from $26.5 billion in Q3 2023 to $59.7 in Q1 2024....
03 May ·
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Bitcoin Halving & Altcoins: Impact & Opportunities

Author: Max Kalmykov, CEO Bitsgap   The Bitcoin halving is a pre-programmed event in Bitcoin’s protocol that cuts the reward for mining new Bitcoin blocks by half. This is encoded into Bitcoin's cod...
11 April ·
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PrismaStake Introduces new staking security system

Total volume of cryptocurrency involved in staking has exceeded $350 billion, while the volume of paid out revenue has reached $5.85 billion. In this context, the amount of hacker attacks on staking p...
08 April ·
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Berlin Art Portal GEMÄLDE KAUFEN: Where Art Meets Luxury Living

In the vibrant heart of Berlin, where the city's avant-garde spirit converges with the timeless allure of artistic expression, a digital oasis for discerning art connoisseurs beckons: GEMÄLDE KAU...
18 March ·
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Integrating Coloring Pages into Educational Technology: A Creative Approach to Learning

In the rapidly evolving world of educational technology, integrating traditional activities such as coloring with modern digital tools has become an innovative strategy to enhance learning. Thanks to...
13 March ·
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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Automating Data Capture

It is an open secret that artificial intelligence has drastically changed the world, and the way we work, capture, and process data is not an exception. Digital technologies are incredibly agile and l...
27 February ·
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Morningscore Teams Up with Fiverr to Transform the Future of SEO Freelancing

A small Danish SaaS company partnered with the global freelance marketplace to make customers rethink how they can now work with their SEO. Morningscore, an all-in-one SEO tool, has recently launched...
20 February ·
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Harnessing Big Data: Driving Insights and Innovation in Finance

In the digital age, data has emerged as a cornerstone of innovation across various industries, and finance is no exception. The proliferation of big data analytics tools has revolutionized how financi...
09 February ·
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Everything You Need to Know About Staking

Stay with us in this article because we are going to talk about staking. Staking is a way to make passive salary. Passive salary is the income that you earn every day without doing anything, simply be...
05 February ·
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Strategies and tools for automated testing of backend servers

Written by Demola Oyinlade In today's rapidly changing world, where technology is advancing at a relentless pace, automated testing is coming to the forefront of the software development process. Esp...
02 February ·
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Designer Garden Furniture: Creating a Cosy Nature Corner

Designer garden furniture is not only functional items, but also real works of art that will transform your garden into a stylish space for relaxation. In this blog, we will talk about the latest tren...
31 January ·
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Emerging Markets in 2024: Prospects for Bold Traders

2024 has ushered in a fresh surge of enthusiasm in the constantly expanding finance business, offering traders new prospects to explore. Emerging markets are becoming more attractive to traders who ar...
31 January ·
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