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Invisalign Can Help Overcome Sleep Apnea

While many patients appreciate the discretion of clear aligners, some would rather use their orthodontic treatment as a means of self-expression. You may be able to pick the colour of your braces, so you can use them to cheer on your preferred sports team or to express a joyful h...

Devin Sawa 20 January · 0 · 3

Benefits of Invisalign braces

A revolutionary orthodontic treatment for straighter teeth is Invisalign. You can quickly obtain a healthy smile with the use of clear aligners. The aligners' almost undetectable nature and snug fit over your teeth are two of their most fascinating features. Your teeth are sligh...

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Misaligned Teeth Causes Bad Breath and Decline in Self-Confidence

Since of their inability to brush properly, 70 percent of the world's population has misaligned teeth. It causes plaque build-up, which can progress to periodontal disease, which causes tooth decay at a young age if not treated promptly. Orthodontist in Novato who recognize that...

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