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Price Vision is an AI/ML based commodity price forecasting solution from ThouCentric Labs to ensure businesses have accurate and interactive forecasts. From agri to non-agri products, Price Vision helps predict future demand for every product and get real-time insights to let retailers be more competitive. It enables smart and profitable business decisions by generating price forecasts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The Future of Black Gold: Top Techniques for Oil Price Prediction

The Dawn of Black Gold: Historical Glimpse The term "Black Gold" might conjure images of treasures and wealth, but in the realm of global trade, it’s synonymous with oil. Journeying through his...
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Demystifying Commodity Markets: AI Techniques and Commodity Futures Prices

We would like to welcome you to the fascinating domain where the topics of "What is a Commodity Market," "AI Techniques," and "Commodity Futures Prices" all collide. In this post, we will set out on a...
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How HRC and CME Impact the Indian Economy

The global economy is a complex web of interconnected factors, and the commodities market plays a pivotal role in influencing economic dynamics. Two significant elements in this realm are Hot Rolled C...
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Procurement Revolution: Harnessing Big Data Analytics for Smarter Decision-Making

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, procurement has undergone a transformative evolution. The conventional methods of decision-making that relied heavily on experience and intuition have g...
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Gold Price Forecast: Predicting Gold's Future

According to the proverb, "all that glitters is not gold." On the commodity market, however, gold unquestionably stands out as the most brilliant. Gold has long had a distinct place in the world economy because of its reputation as a refuge asset. Whether you're an investor, a financial analyst, or...
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Revolutionizing Commodity Trading: The Power of AI in Forecasting and Pricing

In the ever-evolving landscape of commodity trading, where markets can shift on a dime and profits are won or lost in the blink of an eye, staying ahead of the game is paramount. Enter Artificial Inte...
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Sunflower Oil Price Prediction Using ML Techniques

Commodity prices play a vital role in the global economy, impacting industries, trade, and consumer behavior. Accurate forecasts of commodity prices are essential for businesses and investors to make...
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From Wheat to Oil: A Closer Look at Forecasting for Major Commodities

An important part of the world economy is played by the commodity markets. Commodity prices, including those for wheat, oil, sugar, soybeans, and cocoa, are affected by several variables, including su...
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Maximizing Profitability with AI/ML-based Commodity Price Forecasting

Commodity price forecasting has long been a crucial undertaking for organizations whose operations depend on raw resources. How precise these forecasts are can have a significant impact on an organiza...
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The Future of Commodity Price Forecasting: How AI and ML are Changing the Game

The commodity market, which is a crucial component of the world economy, is always changing. A difficult challenge, given the complexity of the market, has always been predicting the prices of commodi...
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The Importance of Timely Insights: Real-Time Commodity Price Forecasting

The business strategy of purchasing teams and organizations must closely monitor real-time commodity price forecasts and trends. It enables companies to foresee pricing-related risks, and plan, and ma...
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The Rise of ML-Based Forecasting: Implications and Opportunities for the Future

To increase corporate productivity, machine learning is utilised in business forecasting. Data and observations are utilised to start the learning process. examples, directions, or first-hand experien...
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Which commodities are the best to invest in futures market?

Why trade? There are a variety of reasons why you could decide to include commodity trading in your portfolio: ● A commodity’s value is often influenced by demand and supply, a variable you can watch to forecast its increase and fall and, consequently, whether to purchase or sell. ● The mos...
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How Commodity Prices Affect Our Economy

Markets for commodities play an important role in the world economy. Designing policy frameworks that support the economic goals of sustainable growth, inflationary stability, reducing poverty, food s...
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