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My Name is Rabin Gurung. I am a Government License holder registered Mountain Guide in Nepal. Having had decades of experience as a trekking guide, I am now working as an Professional Trekking Guide and Tour Operator as well as managing director of Everest Trekking Routes which is Local brand Trekking Agency in Nepal. I have started my career in Travel Tourism sector being a porter and successive years of struggle and continuation made me a travel guide in 1997. I have good communication skills and

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fluent in English and Malaysian languages. I also possess hands-on experience of working in several trekking agencies as a professional adventure mountain guide. And now, I have hundreds of clients from around the globe who have spent Nepal holidays with me in the past days, and want to travel with me every time they come to visit Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Via Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak Climbing is one of the challenging peaks climbing in the Everest region which is not highly technical climbing peak. The summit of this peak climbing is difficult to climb across ice and s...
23 June 2022 ·
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