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How to change the business name in QuickBooks?

There are certain instances it becomes necessary to opt for a name change. To be more specific, it becomes crucial for the success of a business. The name that a business has used during the launch do...
11 March 2021 ·
· 53 · Ryan Jason

What is ICR, IWR, OMR, and OCR: Complete guide with Benefits

Intelligent Character Recognition is a modern form of Optical Character Recognition. It can capture information from all types of documents including documents in multiple languages. It can understand...
03 March 2021 ·
· 794 · Ryan Jason

How To Improve The Accuracy of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

From start to finish the data management history businesses are discovering more efficient ways of data management and data processing. The invention of the printing press was a huge advancement in da...
11 February 2021 ·
· 104 · Ryan Jason