Why You Need To Brush Up Your Microsoft Office Skill?

Introduction Microsoft’s suite of productivity products popularly known as Office, or MS Office, is a business tool around the world. The Office suite host different tools like Word, which is a...
27 May ·
· 12 · Sachin Pandey

What are the Features of Oracle?

Introduction Oracle is a database management platform coming from Oracle corporation in the year 1977. It is built in a manner that supports all kinds of data. Also, it is one of the popular relation...
16 March ·
· 33 · Sachin Pandey

What Are The Benefits Of A Certification In Scrum Master?

Introduction: As the Agile methodology is becoming the new norm. We see more and more professionals with the title of Agile practitioner. However, you can find multiple Agile practitioners around you...
16 March ·
· 73 · Sachin Pandey

What are the Skills and Responsibilities of a Solidworks Designer?

INTRODUCTION Solidworks Software takes you on a path of innovation.  Millions of users around the world, use this software application. Indeed, it has proven to be a market leader in 3D mechanic...
04 March ·
· 3 · Sachin Pandey

Quick Overview of Data Analytics Every Beginner Should Know

Introduction In this technological advancement world, you may have heard about the term "data analytics." It is currently the buzzing word among individuals looking to make a career in IT. So, if yo...
27 February ·
· 11 · Sachin Pandey

Why Do Companies Favors Hiring React Native Developers?

INTRODUCTION React Native is an open-source framework that works compatible with different other platforms. It has also made writing applications easy with React Native. As you already know, smartpho...
10 February ·
· 13 · Sachin Pandey

Where Do You Use Manual Testing?

INTRODUCTION Manual testing is a process of software testing, where testing happens manually without the use of any automated testing tool. Testers execute the test cases manually, from the end user&...
02 February ·
· 33 · Sachin Pandey

What are the Benefits of Manual Testing?

INTRODUCTION Manual testing tests applications manually. The test cases/scenarios are done one by one by Testers manually without using any readymade tools, and further the results are verified. So m...
25 January ·
· 119 · Sachin Pandey

How to Become an Oracle Database Developer?

INTRODUCTION At present, Oracle Database is the Number. 1 database software in the world. Owing to its great performance with high security and plenty of options, big companies usually rely on Oracle...
23 January ·
· 61 · Sachin Pandey

What is the Future of Data Analytics?

INTRODUCTION Data Analytics simply means to make sense of data available to you. It is the field that deals with data management through data collection and data storage from different sources. The m...
20 January ·
· 25 · Sachin Pandey

Is SAP SD a Good Career Option?

INTRODUCTION SAP SD covers the complete chain of processes (order-to-cash) from customer inquiries to sales orders to the delivery of the product to the customer’s destination and ending with b...
14 January ·
· 42 · Sachin Pandey

What is the use of Microservices Architecture?

INTRODUCTION Microservices architecture involves dividing large applications into smaller, functional units capable of functioning and communicating independently. Basically, this architecture came i...
10 January ·
· 90 · Sachin Pandey

How Data Analytics is Helping Business?

INTRODUCTION Data analytics is a broad term that comprises diverse types of data analysis. Data analytics techniques can reveal trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the huge mass of inf...
06 January ·
· 59 · 1 · Sachin Pandey