Bringing the history and fame of Agra Ka Petha on your platter

People may be accustomed to Agra ka petha but they have very little idea of how it originated. The history of peetha is as great as the other aspects of Indian history. With the other traditions of foods, this also came as a highly esteemed part of Indian history. To all those who are not...
25 March ·
· 29 · Sam Bawa

How to stay relaxed during preparation for an exam?

The stress level of students is really high these days. They have a lot of expectations and they are always under pressure to perform well. Schooling time is not at all that easy these days. Teachers...
13 January ·
· 2 · Sam Bawa

How the Health ATM can Revolutionize the Medicare?

What is a health ATM? How does the health ATM benefits to healthcare sector? In India, many health ATMs are installed where daily checkups are done effectively. The health ATM can allow performing che...
11 months ago ·
· 7 · Sam Bawa