Buy ETL listed Cat6 Riser and Plenum Like a Pro

Are you looking to upgrade your network infrastructure with ETL-listed Cat6 Riser and Plenum cables? The demand for high-speed internet is increasing. And so is the number of devices connected to netw...
13 January ·
· 13 · Smartech Cables

Looking for a top-quality Cat6a Ethernet cable? Check out our Recommendations

Ethernet cables are one of the most common kinds of wires and cabling you’ll find in a home or business setting, both because they’re so useful and also because they can be used to connect...
04 August 2022 ·
· 45 · Smartech Cables

Cat6 Pure Copper VS Cat6 CCA: Which one is better?

The Cat6 ethernet cable is available in different variants. Distinguished by conductor type, jacket, and shielding. The cable is also one of the most widely used because of the wide variety of its typ...
18 July 2022 ·
· 78 · Smartech Cables