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EOS profitability

Agriculture has its own methods of remote sensing, which correspond to the climate in certain regions The ability to prioritize large farms is critical to profitability.           ...
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Orbital applications

Continuous coverage of large territories satellite with supersensitive cameras allows you to implement very important promising business projects, how does remote sensing work. An analysis of images in dynamic mode is used in many applications on a paid and free basis.         &n...
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Satellites effectiveness

The geological service of optical satellites shows rapid results in the effective use of their rich functionality, remote sensing satellite. In order not to allow the environment to degrade, these met...
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Mercury phenomenon

The duration of the sunny day relative to the night of each planet differs, which contributes to the occurrence of illusion in the form of retrograde. 1000 hours to Noon: How long is a day on Mercury and why? This phenomenon seems visually one of the strangest ones that can be observed, not knowing...
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Space sector condition

The emergence of fresh ideas in the British space technology market and a positive investment climate have been a good impetus for the development of this sector for the past couple of years, UK space industry growth hit £1bn in 2021. The allied relations of manufacturers and organizations are...
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Rocket prototypes

History knows the legendary prototypes of missiles, which seemed a great achievement in the early cosmic era, sea launch: is the sea dragon rocket real. But not everyone was destined to adapt to the requirements of pond projects, which made them only museum exhibits.        ...
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EOS analyze

Detective satellite devices better process the resulting images if they combine the technologies of spectral chambers of different types, remote sensing. The environmental situation of the planet needs to combine such technologies the best way to analyze the changes in the atmosphere in the best way...
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