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Tapan Mali is the founder and managing director of the Green Orchid Group of Companies, a multi-faceted organization with a diverse portfolio including Real Estate, Agriculture, Logistics, Planning, and Earth Moving. With Tapan's exceptional qualities as a developer and his commitment to quality, brilliance, and excellence, the group is expanding its reach into new markets and making a mark with their current developments.

The Impact of Tapan Mali in Assam's Real Estate Upliftment

Step into the extraordinary world of Assam's real estate upliftment, where the visionary impact of Tapan Mali has rewritten the landscape and redefined the future. In the bustling heart of Assam, a ta...
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Agricultural Changes Made By Tapan Mali For The Benefit of Its Upliftment

"Agriculture is a very complex and important sector of the economy. It has to be managed efficiently, profitably, equitably and sustainably." -Tapan Mali. He is the founder & Managing Director of the...
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Tapan Mali And His Urge To Grow in The Field of Agriculture

Tapan is an agriculturalist who has been in the field for over two decades. He has been dedicated to improving his knowledge and acquiring skills necessary for sustainable agriculture. Tapan Mali is a...
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Tapan Mali: A Leader in Business and Sustainability

Tapan Mali is the Founder and Managing Director of the Green Orchid Group of Companies. The group has diversified into real estate, agriculture, logistics, planners, and earth movers. As a leader, Tap...
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Tapan Mali Barkuchi: A Success Story in the World of Business

Tapan Mali is a name that needs no introduction in the business world. He is the Managing Director and Director of Green Orchid Group, a leading conglomerate in the field of real estate, earth movers,...
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