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Best 10 Secure Messaging Apps For 2023!

Gone are the days when you tie a note in the pigeon's foot to convey a message because this era that we live in is the period of digitalization. Meaning, everything we see or touch around is digitaliz...
27 February · 2 · 80 · VIGNESHWAR NAGARAJAN

What is Chat Moderation and How is it Important?

"Moderating your real-time chat apps is a great way to keep your users entangled with like-minded people in their space, and boost retention rates." Believe it or not, chat apps have indeed revolutio...
13 January · 0 · 6 · VIGNESHWAR NAGARAJAN

How Web Chat Can boost Engagement of Attendees at Virtual Events?

It is true that virtual events are not the same as in-person ones. But these days, virtual events are better than in-person ones flooded with opportunities for engagement. All it requires is proper planning and infrastructure. So before you begin to implement your plans for a virtual event, use some...
27 November 2022 · 0 · 11 · VIGNESHWAR NAGARAJAN