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7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2020

Out of all the marketing spaces out there, social media is the one that changes the most every year, and it changes so drastically. And look, if you're going to follow advice from one or two years a...
12 March 2020 ·
· 62 · Kelly

The #1 Biggest SEO Mistake Nearly Everyone Makes

Nearly everyone who's trying to compete in SEO makes this mistake. They fail miserably because what they're doing is nearly impossible to achieve. And yet, most people think that it's the right approa...
07 March 2020 ·
· 36 · Kelly

How to Design A Beautiful Homepage That Ranks on Google

How do you make your homepage more SEO friendly? You know that for a lot of keywords, content pages tend to do better, but does that mean that your homepage can't rank for anything? Of course not. Ho...
07 March 2020 ·
· 84 · Kelly

10 ways Linux is just better!

The vast majority of the world runs Windows on the desktop, which may be true, but everyone knows that if you need reliability for the servers that run the Internet or store all of our cloud data, Li...
06 March 2020 ·
· 3.7K · Alex

All 50+ Adobe apps explained

Artists around the world use various Adobe products to create everything from the icons you see on a website to the movies you watch in a theater. We all know about Photoshop, but can you name the res...
02 March 2020 ·
· 275 · Alex

The Definition of Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing there's a lot of confusion involved. What is digital marketing? What is it for? People make it a lot more complicated than it really is. Essentially, digital market...
28 February 2020 ·
· 155 · 3 · Kelly

TOP 5: Best Gaming Keyboard 2020

1. Steelseries Apex PRO The dimensions of this keyboard are 5.5 x 17.2 x 1.6 inches and it weighs around 4.41 pounds. This SteelSeries keyboard comes in at the top because of its great features and e...
28 February 2020 ·
· 272 · Alex

TOP 5: Best Gaming Mouse 2020

Are you looking for the best gaming mouse? In this article, we will top gaming mice on the market. 1. BenQ Zowie EC1 The dimensions of the EC1 are 5.03x2.5x1.6 inches (4.06 cm) and 10.1 ounces (286...
27 February 2020 ·
· 192 · Alex

4 USELESS Marketing Tools You’re Still Using

While six to eight years ago some of the tools that I'm going to mention were really useful. Today, they're just going to waste your time. So, when you read about them on the blackout forums or SEOs...
25 February 2020 ·
· 101 · 1 · Kelly

How To Build Thousands of Backlinks Without Even Asking For Them

A lot of people are reluctant to build backlinks. They get scared because you need to do outreach to hundreds, if not, thousands of website's owners before you get your first handful of backlinks. But...
22 February 2020 ·
· 48 · Kelly

Has Blogging Changed Too Drastically in 2020?

A lot of people think blogging has changed over the last year since they're not getting good results from their blogging efforts anymore. The truth is, the underlying rules of success when it comes to...
21 February 2020 ·
· 44 · Kelly

Can Social Media Still Bring You ANY Website Traffic in 2020

The social web is huge, from Facebook to Pinterest, when you combine them all, it's over billions of eyeballs per year. But, if you've been doing business on the social web for awhile you've probably...
17 February 2020 ·
· 42 · Kelly

TOP 10: The largest airports in the world

Airports are not only terminals for people and goods, but also the gates to the world. Millions of passengers are handled every year at the superlative airports and millions of tons of goods are trans...
17 February 2020 ·
· 109 · 1 · Alex

Scientists have developed audible and tactile holograms

A message that all science fiction fans have been waiting for: scientists have managed to project a 3D hologram that you can actually feel when touching. In addition, the hologram is capable of emit...
17 February 2020 ·
· 72 · Alex

The Two Marketing Careers That Will CRUSH IT in 2020

Are you considering career marketing? Not sure where to start? Do you want to know which ones have the best future outlook? Today I'm going to break down the two marketing careers that'll crush it in...
16 February 2020 ·
· 66 · Kelly

TOP 5: Best CPU For Gaming 2020

Looking for the best CPU for gaming? In this article we’ll break down the top CPUs available whilst comparing them for price versus performance.  In the first category, we take a look at tw...
15 February 2020 ·
· 74 · Den W.