10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems For Small Businesses To Recruit Better In 2023

10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems For Small Businesses To Recruit Better In 2023
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Here is the list of the best applicant tracking systems for small businesses, as described in the provided text:

  1. Pinpoint: A modern ATS platform with tools to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion during candidate screening and remove unconscious biases.
  2. Trakstar: An end-to-end solution best suited for teams.
  3. Manatal: An intuitive ATS with AI-driven recommendations and social media recruitment tools.
  4. monday.com: A flexible workflow visualization tool with a pre-built applicant tracker template.
  5. Eddy: A candidate tracking tool within a core HR framework that promotes collaboration.
  6. Breezy HR: A comprehensive recruiting platform with collaborative hiring tools and workflow automations.
  7. JazzHR: A full-feature ATS with enhanced candidate experience functions.
  8. Recooty: An easy-to-use ATS available in multiple languages.
  9. GoHire: An ATS with industry-specific customizations to help businesses scale.
  10. Rise: A comprehensive recruiting and core HR solution for Canadian companies of any size.

1. Pinpoint

Modern ATS platform with innovative tools to improve DEI during candidate screening and remove unconscious biases

Pinpoint’s modern applicant tracking software has sophisticated features to help human resource departments reduce administrative tasks and focus more on finding qualified candidates for each job opening. HR teams can identify top talent using intelligent filtering, then add them to a shortlist and automatically schedule an interview. Their system is also great for small businesses as it cuts down on time spent advertising positions with its programmatic recruitment advertising and connections to 1,450+ job boards.

To help reduce bias and improve your DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) during the applicant screening process, Pinpoint has a very interesting blind screening feature that ensures initial assessments are focused exclusively on a potential candidate’s skills and experience. Their blind recruitment tool works by removing personal details such as candidate names, contact information, how they heard about the position, and other details that could contribute to unconscious biases. Those details are then replaced with combinations of neutral fruits and vegetables. This is done on a job-by-job basis for the candidate selection process. Once the top candidates have been scheduled for an interview, the data is no longer anonymized.

Pinpoint boasts integrations with 100+ common software applications including candidate skill assessment platforms like Bryq, Coderbyte, CodeSumbit, TestDome, as well as many common HRIS platforms, messaging tools, video interviewing platforms, and others.

Pricing for pinpoint starts at $600 USD/month. A free personalized demo can also be requested through their website.

Free demo available

From $600/month when paid annually


2. GoHire

ATS system with industry-specific customizations to help businesses scale

GoHire’s applicant tracking software is designed to help small businesses scale their operations by streamlining common time-consuming recruitment tasks. They also offer industry-specific ATS customizations for several industries, including tech, software, green energy, SaaS companies, restaurants, marketing & advertising businesses and startups.

Their ATS tool includes detailed candidate profiles plus communication features, so all back-and-forth communication is stored in one place and searchable. Their system also supports bulk tasks to save you time, meaning you can line up all your potential candidates who didn’t get the job and send them personalized thank you emails with just a few clicks, rather than sending many individual messages.

Their integrated screening and evaluation tools are also very well-built. HR teams can access their pre-loaded evaluation template tools to create an unlimited number of assessment forms to collect screening information from potential candidates. Once the answers come back, the system automatically scores their responses to determine which applicant is the most qualified based on your job-specific criteria. Their system also supports branded career pages which can be embedded directly into your existing website, creating a seamless experience for your job applicants.

GoHire integrates directly with Facebook, as well as with many job advertising platforms such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Google For Jobs, Upward, and many others.

Pricing for GoHire starts at $74 USD/month. A 14-day free trial and free demo can also be requested via their website.

14-day free trial

From $74 USD/month


3. Manatal

Intuitive applicant tracking system with AI-driven recommendations and social media recruitment tools

Manatal’s applicant tracking system simplifies the hiring process, helping hiring teams of any size manage their talent pools and strengthen their team collaboration. Their system creates individual talent pipelines for each vacant position, making it easy to track and share progress with other hiring managers. To boost the number of candidate applications, Manatal feeds job postings to thousands of free and premium job posting boards following the parameters of your job ad campaigns.

Recruiters dealing with high-volume hiring will appreciate Manatal’s built-in artificial intelligence, which includes AI-driven recommendations for which candidates are the best fit based on extensive candidate scorecards and comparisons of their direct skills against your detailed job descriptions. Rich candidate profiles also capture a candidate’s entire digital presence including their LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, all within their profile, making social media recruitment simple.

Manatal’s cloud-based SaaS software is fully accessible from their mobile app as well, making it easy to stay on top of activity when you’re away from your desk too. The system also includes integrations with LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp and other platforms. Access to their API and Zapier integration are available for customized system configurations too.

Pricing for Manatal starts at $15 USD/user/month. A free demo and a 14-day free trial can also be requested via their website.

14-day free trial

From $15/user/month


4. monday.com

Flexible workflow visualization tool with pre-built applicant tracker template

Monday.com is an intuitive workflow visualization tool that can be used to set up visual boards for many purposes, including as an applicant tracking system. They have 200+ ready-made templates to get you started (including an applicant tracker template), and you can customize them with 30+ types of columns in a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Using their platform, hiring managers can capture candidate details using embedded forms that automatically update linked details in the visual board as soon as candidates submit them. For candidates who are eventually hired, you can also link your recruitment pipeline to a customized onboarding process for them too.

The versatility of this software makes it a great choice for small businesses. Once you’re hooked on your visualized applicant tracking system, you will likely discover other areas of your business where you could use this platform too. Their system makes it easy to create custom dashboards that capture a birds-eye-view of timelines, budgets and project progress at a glance.

Monday.com integrates with 30 commonly used software applications including Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Adobe Creative Cloud, Eventbrite, Hootsuite, GitLab, GitHub, Basecamp, Asana and many others.

Pricing for Monday.com starts at $9 USD/seat/month, or they have a free forever plan with limited features for up to 2 users. A 14-day free trial and free demo are also available via their website.

14-day free trial

From $10/user/month


5. Eddy

Collaborative candidate tracking tools within a core HR framework

Eddy’s HR platform is a great choice for small businesses needing HR tech beyond just recruiting since their all-in-one software includes everything from onboarding, to training tracking, PTO (paid time off) tracking and an employee directory with detailed employee profiles. Their full-featured ATS is available as an add-on, in addition to payroll and HR advisor services.

Key features that make their ATS software efficient are their drag-and-drop custom hiring pipeline and automated stage actions that cover everything from scheduling interviews to sending out offer letters. Their system also includes collaborative hiring tools where HR team members can tag and filter candidates, give candidates star ratings, share feedback and notes, and even brighten up their information sharing with emojis.

Specific software integration details are not available on Eddy’s website. However, like many other ATS systems in this list, job postings are automatically synced with common career sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn, getting you lots of exposure, with just a few clicks.

Pricing for Eddy starts at $8 USD/employee/month, plus a $49 USD base fee per month. You can also request a free quote and free demo via their website.

Free demo available

From $8/employee/month + a $49 base fee/month


6. Breezy HR

Comprehensive recruiting platform with collaborative hiring tools and time-saving workflow automations

Breezy’s recruitment software covers the full recruitment process from advertising positions and attracting candidates, through screening and interviewing, all the way to sending out offers. Candidate management tools include drag-and-drop talent pipelines, email and SMS messaging, automated workflows to streamline repetitive tasks, and screening tools that automatically advance or disqualify candidates based on their answers.

Their system supports custom-branded career sites that are mobile-optimized, to make discovery easy for potential candidates. Once you publish a new job posting, Breezy will automatically distribute it to 50+ job sites all around the world, making exposure fast and simple. They’ll even help you improve your DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) stats by integrating with the best DEI-focused job boards for you. On top of that, they also have a process for capturing employee referrals, giving you another opportunity to find top talent that your existing staff can vouch for.

Breezy integrates with 35+ common software applications including background check software like Checkr, GoodHire, and Verified First, HRIS systems like Gusto, Hibob, Namely, Rippling, Sapling, and Zenefits, and many productivity tools like Slack, Zapier, Zoom and many others.

Pricing for Breezy HR starts at $143 USD/month but your first two months are free. A full-feature 14-day free trial and free demo are also available too. A freemium version for just one position or job pool is also available.

14-day free trial

From $143/month


7. JazzHR

Full-feature applicant tracking system with enhanced candidate experience functions

JazzHR was designed to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) speed up their candidate sourcing and screening processes. Their recruiting workflow includes end-to-end customizations so you can track how candidates progress and easily share reports with other team members or hiring managers. Repetitive tasks can also be automated to eliminate repetitive and mundane, but time-consuming tasks. They also have a neat feedback loop feature where you can share notes with collaborators easily by tagging their name in the notes field of any candidate profile.

One thing that stands out with JazzHR is how they included specific features to improve the candidate experience of the recruitment process. Consistent messaging and incorporated branding elements help to create a seamless experience of your company brand for external candidates. Without leaving the JazzHR platform, recruiters can text candidates directly to boost engagement, since the average person checks their phone more frequently than they check emails. For small teams or businesses with no internal HR support, their embedded Interview Guides help you conduct effective interviews that ask the right questions to support informed hiring decisions.

JazzHR has 95 integrations with common HR software platforms including Office 365, G Suite, Gusto, Bob, BambooHR, Sapling, HR Cloud, GoCo, MassPay, Collage, Namely, Zenefits, and many other job boards and job syndication sites.

Pricing for JazzHR starts at $39 USD/month for unlimited users and 3 open jobs (plus $9 USD/job/month if you need to post more). A 21-day free trial plus a free demo can also be arranged via their website.

Free demo available

From $39/month for up to 3 job postings


8. Recooty

Easy-to-use ATS tool, available in multiple languages

Recooty’s modern ATS includes the core features you’d expect to streamline your recruiting process including a visual talent pipeline, the ability to review applications and schedule interviews, and tools to import candidates from different sources into your own customized talent pools. You can also use Recooty to develop a branded careers page, feed job postings directly to popular career websites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster, and share them through popular social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Known for its ease of use, Recooty is used by over 5,000 organizations and is available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Hindi.

Specific software integration details are not listed on Recooty’s website, though they do offer API integrations at their top tier pricing level.

Pricing for Recooty starts at $49 USD/month. A 15-day free trial and free demo can also be requested via their website.

15-day free trial + free demo

$49 USD/month


2. Trakstar

Best for teams looking for an end-to-end solution

As a small business, hiring is a labor-intensive activity that sometimes takes too much time. Trakstar Hire has an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that can help you with the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating impactful tasks for your company.

Trakstar Hire’s ATS enables recruiting teams to receive résumés through customizable application forms, and use bulk upload to import multiple résumés simultaneously. Once the résumés are imported and stored in the system, the software’s résumé parser automatically extracts all the pertinent details from the candidate résumés to create accurate applicant profiles.

In addition to applicant tracking and candidate sourcing, Trakstar Hire allows you to schedule candidate interviews on the same platform. It features shared calendars, automated responses and reminders, email templates, as well as Outlook and Google calendar integrations. Career site management and offer management are also available, making it an end-to-end ATS and hiring solution.

Integrations include other Trakstar products and several third-party solutions, such as Checkr, Slack, Namely, and BambooHR, as well as Google and Outlook calendar applications.

Free demo available

Pricing upon request


10. Rise

Comprehensive recruiting and core HR solution for Canadian companies of any size

Rise is a Canadian-engineered HRIS system that includes a full set of core HR features from recruiting and onboarding to people management, performance management and time off tracking. Their embedded ATS software allows users to create custom talent pipelines and applicant funnels with straightforward drag-and-drop capabilities to manage the entire recruiting process easily.

To improve the candidate experience and avoid interviewing candidates who aren’t the best match, users can create custom screening questions that are directly tied to each role. HR teams gain access to their answers as soon as the candidates submit the form, allowing internal teams to take action faster. High-volume recruiting teams will also appreciate their Recruiting Digest feature, which automatically prepares a daily email for administrators and hiring managers summarizing all new applicants, status updates, and other key details you can customize.

Pricing for Rise starts at $6 CAD/employee/month for their basic features, but you’ll have to request a custom quote to get access to their recruiting tools. Also worth mentioning is the fact that new clients can try out their top tier service level for 3 months for free, which is akin to a free 90-trial of their full-feature model. A free demo can also be requested via their website.

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