10 Must-have Hotel Amenities to Wow Customers

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10 Must-have Hotel Amenities to Wow  Customers

Whether guests are staying at your hotel for a business trip or a relaxing getaway, customers expect a high level of comfort and customer service. Every visitor to your hotel should have a sense of exclusivity and importance to your operation. Finding new and inventive ways to make your hotel visitors feel special on a constant basis can uplift your business and enhance your brand.

Over the past two decades, there have been some very significant changes in the hotel sector. Boutique and lifestyle hotels began to proliferate, which gradually changed the standards that visitors to hotels have grown to expect. Larger chains have taken action to respond to the requirements and wants of their visitors by offering them well tailored, memorable, and generally engaging experiences.

Here in this blog we are going to share some of the top tips to improve your guest experience.

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Before diving, let us understand “what are amenities?”and tips to improve these amenities.

All about hotel amenities

A pleasant or practical feature or facility of a building or location is referred to as an amenity. There are countless choices for hotels. Every room should be provided with necessities like toiletries and personal care items like shaving cream and hair dryers. A mini fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, and some sort of complementary breakfast are also commonly anticipated. Additional benefits include complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness facility, free parking, and flat-screen TVs in the rooms. But that's just the start.

The aforementioned amenities are becoming so commonplace that visitors may not even notice them any longer. But that doesn't mean you can't provide conveniences in other ways.

Hotels like Duniya Hotel are affluent with all these amenities.

What to do to make guests feel special?

Every hotel must focus on special tips to greet their customers and make them feel special.

Here are some tips, if you will follow them you will definitely earn brownie points:

  • Add some extras

Among the added touches are:

  • a warm, welcoming smile when your visitors arrive.
  • a luxurious sense is created by the quality of the linen.
  • lighting to promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Examining your hotel based on the little details that can make a difference is one method to understand your customers' experience.

  • Provide some services at no cost

The value of the amenities you provide to your guests is the key. If you don't already provide many complimentary amenities, put some effort into finding out what your visitors could like. When visitors arrive, they might have inquiries like if your hotel offers free Wi-Fi or whether breakfast is served. Regardless of the prices paid, these benefits are frequently included as standard in many hotels. The Duniya Hotel Luxury Resort in the USA is one instance of a hotel that provides amenities without charging guests.

  • Stay staffed at all times

The majority of individuals reserve a hotel for a relaxing holiday. Effective service might mean the difference between a peaceful stay and a stressful stay for your guests. Issues with employees are among the most often voiced complaints by hotel visitors. If your hotel is understaffed, it's likely that the personnel will get frustrated or angry with the clients. Staff members' displeasure with having too much to accomplish while putting in lengthy shifts may be expressed to guests.

By using Deputy as a scheduling tool, you can make sure that you are allocating the appropriate number of employees to handle busy periods at your hotel. Features like auto-scheduling consider a variety of variables to estimate the number of employees you will require at various points in time.

  • Show your guests that you care by paying attention to them

Your relationship with your visitors is what matters most in the hotel sector. Let your visitors know that you have heard any complaints they may have about their stay and that you and the personnel at your hotel will take prompt action to address the issue. Regardless of how long a guest stays at your hotel, your aim should be to make them as comfortable as possible and maintain respectful communication if something goes wrong.

  • Cocktail stations and bars in rooms.

Mix up the selections of your in-room beverage options to give guests a substitute for going out, whether it's a fully loaded bar cart with all the components, a small mini bar, or an in-room custom drink station. Duniya Hotel pulls out all the stops for its in room facilities.

Customers have a right to expect excellent service. This can only be offered if your hotel has a sufficient number of employees and many other amenities.

Don't limit yourself. Do more than you should. Give visitors experiences they'll remember, perhaps even post about on social media and share with their friends and family.

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