100 Best Halloween Food Ideas to Serve at Your Theme Party

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100 Best Halloween Food Ideas to Serve at Your Theme Party


100 Best Halloween Food Ideas to Serve at Your Theme Party


100 Best Halloween Food Ideas to Serve at Your Theme Party

need to be scared about Halloween burning a hole in your pocket this year, because we've got some seriously cheap and tasty Halloween food ideas that'll suit anyone's budget.
From spooky sausage rolls and other freakish finger foods that are perfect for Halloween parties and buffets, to deadly dinners-to-die-for and terrifying treats for afters – you'll find a bit of everything. We've even got one or two Halloween recipes that your weaning baby can get in on! So keep reading to plan the food for your night of terror...
Be sure to check out our Halloween Hub, with pumpkin carving tips, Halloween costume ideas for babies and children, party games and even more recipes!

1. Halloween spiced biscuits

     These spooky biscuits are made with honey and cinnamon.
They're so tasty you might not want to give them away to trick-or-treaters though!
Here's the recipe for Halloween spiced biscuits

2. Easy toffee apples for kids

     Keep it traditional with these easy-to-make classic toffee apples.
If it's your kid's first time trying one of these, they'll be in for a real treat!
Here's the recipe for easy toffee apples for kids

3. Rice Krispies green Halloween monsters

     These Frankenstein-inspired Halloween treats look gruesome – but they taste great.
They're cheap and easy to make – not to mention FUN to eat!
Here's the recipe for Rice Krispies green Halloween monsters

4. Sausage roll ghosts

     Boo! Don't be scared, they're only pork and sesame sausage rolls, hehe.
They taste MUCH better than the ones from the supermarket, and they're more fun to eat.
Get the recipe for sausage roll ghosts

100 Best Halloween Food Ideas to Serve at Your Theme Party

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5. Pumpkin cakes

      You won't be able to scare off trick-or-treaters with this healthy pumpkin cake – it's too yummy...
yourself in because they'll be back for more!
the pumpkin cakes recipe

6. Gingerbread zombie biscuits

     How creepy are these gingerbread zombie biscuits?
We suggest biting off their feet first so they can't chase after you!
the recipe for gingerbread zombie biscuits

7. Bat cookies

     Don't get freaked out, but there are creepy bat cookies flying your way!
Your kids will love them dipped into hot chocolate before bedtime, and don't forget the ghost stories..
Here's the recipe for bat cookies

8. Bonfire cupcakes

    Lick up the caramel flames on these super-creative bonfire cupcakes – what fiery fun!
Make these for your bonfire night party and you'll be the talk of the neighbourhood.
Get the bonfire cupcakes recipe

9. Sweet potato stars

      This Halloween finger food is the perfect treat for weaning babies, older kids, and you!
Make plenty because they'll get snapped up quick.
Here's the recipe for sweet potato stars

10. Cinder toffee cupcakes

     Made with spicy ginger and topped with honeycomb, these warming cupcakes will add a little crunch to your Halloween treats.
Save them for the trick-or-treaters with the scariest costumes!
Get the recipe for

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