11 Ways to Save On Your Next Online Purchase

11 Ways to Save On Your Next Online Purchase
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21 June 2022


Finding the best deals while switching between twenty different websites for your desired purchases can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience for those who love to shop online.

The convenience and simplicity of modern-day online shopping are hard to beat, but with so many online merchants these days it can be hard to keep track of all your spending. We at Monetha Cashback Company have put together this list to show you how to better save more money with your online purchases. These quick tips will help you in both your spending and saving too!

1. Coupons and Discount Codes

Many websites these days have special codes and coupons that you can use during certain times of the year to gain a discount on your purchase. These codes can be obtained either directly from the website - by signing up for their mailing list for instance - or from popular mass Telegram channels dedicated to sharing coupon codes and vouchers. It’s a great way to save on your purchases, especially if you buy certain products regularly.

2. Leverage Social Media

Check if your preferred online merchant has established their presence on online social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, where they may regularly post updates on ongoing sales as well as freebies and coupon codes. Be sure to regularly check in with your favorite stores for updates and make big savings on your next purchase!

3. Mailing Lists

Signing up for mailing lists with your favorite online merchants can put you at the front of the queue for when the next big sale happens. Many sites offer such updates for free, leaving you free from worrying about missing out on sales on the products or gifts for your loved ones you wish to purchase.

Mailing lists may also contain discount codes for you to use even during non-sales periods, as a gesture of appreciation by merchants for following their platform.

4. Off-Peak Deals

Online merchants usually follow seasonal patterns in their catalog and merchandising. For instance, winter clothing may be priced as low as half-off during the summer as not many people would be purchasing winter clothing while the sun’s blazing outside in their respective countries. Keep an eye out for such deals during off-peak seasons to score that fluffy winter coat for your next winter vacation.

11 Ways to Save On Your Next Online Purchase

5. Bulk Purchases

Shipping costs can quickly add up and leave a gaping hole in your wallet. It can be useful to group your purchases with your family and friends to save on shipping costs from separate orders. You can also consider making purchases only at certain periods i.e. once a month to further save on shipping costs.

6. Credit Card Deals

Many credit card companies have cashback promotions for online transactions or transactions with major retail outlets. You may potentially save hundreds of dollars a year on all your purchases combined, so be sure to research thoroughly to get the best credit card that suits both your budget and your lifestyle. It is also important to exercise caution with credit card spending, so do keep track of your spending while using them while making your payments on time.

7. Adding and Waiting

Certain websites automatically offer discounted rates or coupons to customers who add products to their shopping carts but don’t check out and complete their orders. This is done to encourage and prompt customers to finish their purchases and keep them coming back to make more and more purchases over time.

Exercise this life hack on your next online purchase and watch as the coupons continuously roll in! Online merchants who roll such coupons out are often eager to attract more customers and keep their existing ones, making it a win-win for both customers and merchants.

8. Window Shopping

Another way to spot great deals is to browse more than one retailer to see where you can get the same or similar items for a lesser price. This is essentially window shopping but in the online realm, offering you more convenience and bang for your buck.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how one merchant offers the same item discounted at a much higher rate than the other.

9. Yearly Sales Patterns

If you shop online regularly, you may be aware that the greatest deals happen periodically each such as during Black Friday as well as during the summer. Many online sites are greatly generous with their discounts rolled out and coupons to be collected during this period, with sales occurring by the minutes and hours.

Why pay the regular price when you can wait to get it for a much cheaper price? Take advantage of these traditional sales patterns and grab your desired item for as much as 50% or more off during these sales periods!

11 Ways to Save On Your Next Online Purchase

10. Gift cards

This may seem like a thing of the past or something reserved only for birthdays and going-away parties, but gift cards are often a great way to save on your online purchases. Online merchants may award you with redeemable points or cashback for your next purchase with them if you utilize a gift card to pay for your items. So do snoop around to check if this option is available for items you wish to purchase.

11. Memberships

Memberships may seem expensive out of the gate, however, if you do the math, you may find that you potentially stand to save quite a bit on your online purchases, especially if you make them regularly with a certain retailer.

You can also earn membership points on your purchases to offset your next purchase, thereby leading to a cascading effect and making you more savings over time. Many online merchants often also have regularly discounted items all year round, exclusively for members only. Retailers often also throw in freebies for their members, and who knows what you stand to get!


We hope our online shopping tips and life hacks will save you up to hundreds of dollars if not more on all your online purchases, leaving both you and your wallet happy. Follow these tips to enjoy guilt-free purchases while also exercising financial responsibility and making great savings!

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