2 Most Convincing Reasons for You to Lean towards Toyota Corolla Hatchback

2 Most Convincing Reasons for You to Lean towards Toyota Corolla Hatchback
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SUVs and crossovers are undeniably dominant in the automotive world these days. The short answer is that they are good at meeting a variety of needs at the same time. For starters, they're well-known for their cargo capacity and off-road capabilities. Because of technological and engineering advancements, you can now have one that is also a sports car.

They are not, however, suitable for everyone. Some people find their size incompatible with the space they have available or the neighbourhood in which they live. Others may find them intimidating, wasteful, or simply excessive. For these people, I'm pleased to report that there is an alternative, one that has always existed: the humble hatchback.

It has always had a difficult time in the United States, despite the fact that it has been a go-to car for many people for decades. The Toyota corolla hatchback, a back to the basics car that's perhaps all most people need, is keeping the spirit alive. Here are two reasons why you should think about it.

It's Entertaining!

Hatchbacks are enjoyable as well, and not just the special sporty variety. This Toyota corolla hatchback is powered by a two-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 168 horsepower. That's modest, to say the least, but nobody said only fast cars are enjoyable. Indeed, the sensation of speed in this car is incredible, owing primarily to how light the car feels and how open the cabin is. Highway speeds make you feel as if you're flying.

It's not very shrill - it's imprecise and floaty - but it's laidback when it comes to control, so driving it around backroads is a lot of fun. It sends this power to the front wheels via a CVT automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission.

It Is Useful:

The base Toyota corolla hatchback in Calgary costs just over $20,000, but when fully loaded, it costs around $24,000. That price includes a slew of standard safety and comfort features, with the only extras being trip-specific wheels and adaptive headlights.

When it comes to utility, Toyota claims a capacity of 17.8 cu.ft., which equates to carrying a large suitcase or a large grocery haul without having to fold down the rear seats. Except for the occasional furniture haul or group trip, that's usually enough. These "what-ifs" are what scare people and make them believe they must always be ready to move tonnes of cargo.

Aside from these outliers, the Toyota corolla hatchback is more than capable of accommodating one or two people and their belongings throughout their daily responsibilities, not to mention space for a couple of friends or family members, all without being a road-going behemoth with a voracious appetite for premium fuel.

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