3-D Portable Gaming Console

Panasonic intends to sell the 16GB 3-D Virtual Reality device and 24GB 3-D Handheld 3-D virtual reality device in the fiscal year beginning April 2013 at about 500,000 yen and 2 million yen, respectively.

Panasonic’s New Motorcycle Panasonic will announce new portable gaming devices, with 3-D stereoscopic display, portable that will be offered at the Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Panasonic will offer two products for the portable game device that are designed to be enjoyed as a portable 3-D virtual reality device.

Firstly, the 16GB 3-D Virtual Reality device, which has the same format as the Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo 3DS XL model). It is equipped with two 3-D Vision display units. The second product is the 24GB 3-D Handheld 3-D virtual reality device, and it is also equipped with two 3-D Vision display units.

Panasonic will use the 3-D stereoscopic display that was integrated into the 3DS to enable a “passionate play” and the effect of “feeling up close to the characters” as well as the system audio that can enable users to enjoy a “close and natural” gameplay.

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Next year Panasonic will develop a new motor cycle which is compatible with digital music, a machine that can play digitally downloaded music.

It is said that the motor cycle will have an operation speed between 60 and 110km/h. Panasonic aims to release the new motorcycle at the end of fiscal 2014.

Spectacle Lenses and Light Projector

Panasonic will develop high-performance spectacles and a new light projector, Panasonic will reveal.

The new spectacles are to be able to transmit not only images, but also sounds and sound shows. It is a system that can offer users a unique play experience with an extreme “wow” factor.

Panasonic’s new light projector is to be able to create colorful and moving light effects from images.

Both of these products are equipped with Panasonic’s new technology for 3-D stereo imaging, and will be debuted in spring next year.

3-D Virtual Reality Console


Panasonic will announce at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 a new 3-D portable game device that is equipped with 3-D stereo stereoscopic display units that can reproduce stereoscopic images as in the TV.

The new portable game device will use a combination of the 3-D stereoscopic display and a battery capable of consuming up to 5 hours of 3-D mobile video game play.

Details such as the system’s capacity for use and storage capacity will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Fashion & Accessories

Panasonic aims to launch a new 4-D interactive gloves to be worn around the wrists. This product has cameras that are powered by an internal battery. The user will be able to scan 3-D scenes and information into his or her brain through movement of the fingers.

A newly launched product called “Personal Mask” is to be able to predict the action of users’ mind.

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