3 Important Features of Composite Decking

3 Important Features of Composite Decking
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Composite decking is an excellent option for homeowners with a new home, remodelling or doing some major repairs. Composite Decking Perth can be installed over existing decks or floors without any structural changes to the home. It’s also easy to install yourself and requires little maintenance which means you can spend more time relaxing on your deck instead of working on it!

Composite decking can be made from many types of materials

Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood products. It can be made from many types of materials, including bamboo and cedar. The composite material is usually made up of more than one type of product, so you may see packaging that reads "wood fibre" or "plastic." Composite decking is often used for outdoor decks because it lasts longer than traditional wood products.

The decking can be made to look like real wood, but it's usually more durable and less likely to split or crack. Composite decking is also resistant to fading from sun exposure and doesn't require any special treatment before use.

Composite decking isn't just for decks

Composite decking isn't just for decks. With their durability and beauty, composite lumber boards can be used in a number of ways. They're great for patios or walkways, fences, sheds, gazebos—even boats!

Features of Composite Decking

Or if you'd prefer not to make the commitment to building a new surface area with wood decking material but want something that looks like it will last almost as long (and won't splinter), composite lumber boards can also be used as an alternative surface underlayment beneath other types of flooring materials (such as tile).

Composite wood decking is made from a combination of recycled materials including plastic, wood fibres and foam. The material is usually extruded into boards that are then cut to size. Composite lumber boards are extremely durable and can be used in any outdoor setting where you need to protect the surface from moisture and harsh weather conditions.

composite decking requirements are minimal compared to natural wood

Composite decking is a composite material made from recycled materials, such as plastics and wood dust. It's a combination of synthetic fibres in a resin, which is then compressed into boards. Because it's made from recycled materials (and not from virgin plastic), you can feel good about contributing less to landfills and the environment.

Plus, for homeowners who are environmentally conscious or have pets that like to chew on furniture, composite decking will help keep your home more pet-friendly since it's more durable than natural wood.

Composite decking requires minimal maintenance compared to natural wood because its surface does not need staining or sealing after the installation as often as other types of lumber would require (every 3-5 years). The only maintenance required is an occasional power wash with soapy water if there are food stains on the surface (for example spaghetti sauce)

or bird droppings. Another advantage is that composite decking doesn't splinter or crack like natural wood so it's safer for families with children and pets. Composite Decking Perth also lasts longer than natural wood because it doesn't absorb water as easily as other types of lumber do. Composite decking is more resistant to mould and mildew than natural wood, which can help prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.


With all that said, composite decking is an excellent option for anyone looking to make an investment in their home. It’s durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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