3 Innovative Technologies Used for Online Casinos

3 Innovative Technologies Used for Online Casinos
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09 October 2022

In the last decade, incredible progress has been made in the online casino industry. Many websites focused on online gambling, like GoodLuckMate, for example, often discuss these innovations and predict how they can change this activity. This is not a surprise because we’re talking about a multi-billion business that keeps growing every year and companies willing to invest a lot to improve their operations and stand out.

The good news is that online casinos are implementing technologies that will not only increase their profit but also improve user experience. Simply put, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. To help you understand what we can expect from online casinos in the future, we have created this blog post discussing several innovative technologies that are already tested on some gambling websites.

Virtual Reality

It goes without saying that virtual reality is one of the most exciting modern technologies. We are bombarded daily with articles and ads about VR headsets that promise “an immersive experience.” Of course, most people use Virtual Reality (VR) technology to play video games. Still, several online casinos have already made VR available to their users.

Undoubtedly, online casinos are a much better choice compared to their land-based counterparts. However, there are still some things that many players find more attractive in conventional casinos. One of these things is the atmosphere that can be found in these facilities. Casino software developers were well-aware of this fact. They created live dealer casino games for gambling websites right after they started developing regular software. Today, most casino sites have live dealer sections.

Yet, with the innovative VR technology, this experience is taken to another level. VR casinos provide access to dozens of slots, card games, table games, and other releases that make you feel like you are entering a real casino. Some brands are experimenting with virtual lobbies where players can chat with other users or live dealers before joining a game or spinning the reels. That’s definitely something that every player should check at least once in a lifetime.

Some of the downsides of using VR (at least for now) are the cost of VR headsets and the fact that you need a compatible device to use them. On top of that, most headsets have cables restricting your movement, while the ones without wires don’t have long-lasting batteries. This is natural because virtual reality is a technology that keeps evolving.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another promising technology used in many industries, including security, shopping, healthcare, and online gambling. A few decades ago, artificial intelligence was just a concept. Now, we can enjoy all the benefits this technology can bring.

As we said at the beginning of this blog post, some technologies are suitable for operators, while others help users. In this case, both parties can take advantage. For instance, some casino operators have already tested it to check data and detect players who might be developing gambling problems. This is excellent news for the players and the operators due to the strict regulations. Instead of waiting for players to ask for help or reviewing their activities manually, they can prevent this developing problem from the start. Artificial intelligence has proven to be an excellent tool for data analysis.

In theory, players or anyone interested can use AI to analyze the payouts, bonus frequency, and progressive jackpot frequency in various casino games, including slots. Indeed, most software providers publicize the information about their games’ volatility level and theoretical payout percentage (RTP). Still, with AI, players can check this data themselves.

Finally, it’s easier for online casinos to plan their marketing campaigns and improve their websites when they get suggestions from AI-based tools. The same goes for chatbots that can partially replace live customer support agents.


It’s been more than a decade since we witnessed the emergence of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Yet, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have become mainstream in the past few years.

Today, players can choose from dozens of crypto-friendly online casinos. In addition, some of them decided to go full crypto and don’t accept fiat currencies and conventional payment methods. There’s more than one reason why this technology is accepted.

First, cryptocurrency protects players’ privacy and anonymity. The best crypto online casinos have simple registration processes and ask for a few pieces of information before letting you play your favorite games there. When we compare this approach to banks where bank employees and the government can check all your transactions, you will know why users who prefer privacy stick to crypto.

Also, cryptocurrency transactions usually come with minimal fees (or no fees at all) and high limits. Finally, using cryptocurrencies can be safer than using credit/debit cards or even e-wallets because of how the funds are kept (electronic crypto wallets, web-based wallets, or hardware wallets).  

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