3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Business During the 2021 Holiday Season

Mark Taylor Mark Taylor 23 November
3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Business During the 2021 Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner and all companies are gearing up to gain attention of shoppers. Americans are planning to spend an average of $837 on gifts in 2021, which is similar to the $805 they spent last year. Further, 13% expect to splurge more than they did in 2020. It is undoubtedly one of the most profitable times for companies and an ideal opportunity to reach out to customers. There are ample pandemic-proof tactics to push out more sales in the final quarter of the year.

For example, strategic marketing, special discounts, loyalty rewards programs and training seasonal employees can add to the holiday cheer. The official shopping season kick starts on Black Friday. You can still benefit even if you do not offer products and services that might be in demand during the festivities. Below are a few ways to ensure more leads, sales and engagement for both in-person and e-stores.

Holiday Gifting

This is a powerful way to show client appreciation. It is a form of self-promotion, strengthens relationships, advertises your brand and sends a personal message. These also help appreciate customer support and engagement with your business. A few of the top recommendations are branded swag boxes, warm apparel and healthcare essentials that can be tailored to fit the needs of your partners and clients. You do not need to invest in expensive items. Instead, send thoughtful gifts, as this is what builds a more memorable impression of your brand among customers.

Content Planning

Create engaging and exciting pieces to leverage them for business results. In 2020, while 70% of all marketers were actively investing in content marketing, another 24% had planned to increase their investment in this field. Try to write around a theme for specific shopping days like Cyber Monday or Christmas or for the whole month leading up to the New Year. Offer meaningful insight into your brand with eye-grabbing headlines, a tone that aligns with your audience and a single focused message. Do not forget to optimize your blogs, articles and newsletters for SEO search to boost the chances of website traffic.

Seasonal Landing Pages

Think of a holiday campaign-specific landing page. Be a minimalist, keep a clear organized design, use headers to highlight offer value and optimize for mobile devices. One of the best strategies is to tailor the page for a different audience. Baby boomers that come from Facebook would be quite different from Gen Z that arrive from Instagram.

Tweak at specific areas to add some holiday flair. Use seasonal colors (red and green) and themes. Add animated snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Clause, reindeer and gift boxes. Emphasize urgency and time sensitivity to ensure shoppers know the deals will not last long. Keep these in mind whenever you start designing a landing page to offer an experience that drives great conversions.

The holiday season lasts from mid-November to the end of January. This is when spending usually hits an all-time high. Review your data analytics like customer feedbacks from the previous year to make any last-minute changes. You can also design the promotional swags accordingly which is also a great way to recover from the pandemic stress.

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